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My Training Routine
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Now that I am a proud father time is more of a premium than ever!. Finding the time to train is getting harderso I have decided that I won't do anymore Triathlons for a while.

June 2009 - I have decided to enter the Cardiff Half Marathon on October 18th 2009! You can follow my progress by clicking the link above.

July 2008 - I am now following the 100 Push Ups training program!. Follow my progress by clicking the link above.

I began my first triathlon training in the middle of Feb 2001. I was missing quite a vital piece of kit, a bike!! My father-in-law has very kindly lent me his 10 year old Saracen Trek Mountain Bike. He has never used it, much to the disbelief of the guys that serviced it!!

An anonymous sponsor contributed a large sum of money for me to get a proper racing bike in May 2001. The bike has been so much easier since!!

I got some wonderful advice from the very 1st online Sponsor, a great friend of mine and he suggested:
"Swim like the cage has broken and there's a Great White shark on your tail Cycle as if a tornado is chewing at your rear tyre and Run like $**%!!!!"
Wise words, mate!!
The Swim   PB - 13:55
This is definitely my strongest discipline. I do wish that the swim was the last leg so I could finish strongly. The training is very monotonous but rewarding.
The Bike   PB - 41:02
I cycled round the UK in 1982 after my 'O' Levels and did 990 miles in 3 weeks, but that was 19 years ago and don't I know it! The bike has turned out to be my favourite discipline. I can take time to get my breath back and take fluids on board, and I enjoy the bike training most. There's scenery to look at along the routes I take and in the summer, the fresh air is wonderful.
The Run   PB - 28:00
I never look forward the final leg. This is my worst discipline. I was always a sprinter at school and hated long distance running, so I'm not really sure why I chose this sport!! This is the one area where I must improve in 2002.
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