MY Training Diary - September 2001

28th September

Bike.    Distance - 11.25 miles/18.0Km     Time - 42:46mins

Feeling good after this morning's swim times I decided to go for a bike session at lunchtime. Having read the latest issue off 220 Triathlon magazine, I decided to try a new bike route. This one was a little scary as the main part of the course is on the main A370 dual carriageway into and out of Bristol! The outward leg into Bristol is mostly downhill. I went into Ashton Gate and stopped at a newsagents to buy a drink. I'd forgotten to take my water bottle with me! The return leg is mainly uphill......not so much fun, but it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. I then did 1 loop of Smiley Miley's and headed home.

Swim.    Distance - 1,550m     Time - 30:54mins

I am now beginning my Autumn/Winter training and I thought what better way than a quick 40 lengths!! I actually ended up doing 62!!!
I did 400m in 7:14(a new PB) and 750m in 14.29(a new PB) and having done 40 lengths I decided to go for 1,500m to see my time. It was 29:59(a new PB).
So with 3 PBs set today, I'm over the moon with my swimming. It's been just over 7 months since my training began and the results are beginning to show.

23rd September

The Langport Triathlon.         Time - 1hr:33:03mins

Last Triathlon of this season and I'm chuffed with my time. I'm amazed at my run time and all I can think is that the course must have been slightly shorter than the 6.5Km advertised! For a full race report and my split times go to my Results page.

21st September

Run.    Distance - 1.56 miles 2.5Km     Time - 13:23mins

As I'm racing again at the Langport Triathlon on Sunday, I thought I ought to do a quick session just to see how my foot holds up. I was quite pleased with my time although my foot did twinge slightly at times. As it's my last reace for a bit, I am still going to race.

20th September

Bike.    Distance - 19.82 miles/31.71Km     Time - 1hr:08:22mins

2 sessions in one day.....I must be keen!! My training has been a little lacking recently and I think it's mainly down to the fact that I know the season's nearly over. I decided to pull my socks up slightly today and I'm really pleased to have done this bike session.
I went along A370 towards Weston and turned round at the M5 junction. I felt good but the hill heading home was a bit tough.

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 29:54mins

I did 400m to check my time and did 7:20mins which I was happy with. Fastest so far. I then did 6 x 50m sprints with 20secs rest, which completely killed me! I then did some arms only and legs only and then more lengths. Today's session was fairly soft as I hadn't swum for 6 days.

14th September

Swim.    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 34:46mins

I did 400m to check my time and did 7:23mins which I was very pleased with. Fastest so far. I then did 8 x 50m sprints which completely killed me! I then did some arms only and legs only and then did 2 x 200m. I found it quite tough and my chest was sore. I think I pulled my back slightly the other day and it's all a bit tight.

9th September

The Uckfield Triathlon.         Time - 1hr:23:33mins

Yet another great day, and I beat my estimated time and set a Personal Best for my Run! For a full race report and my split times go to my Results page.

7th September

Bike.    Distance - 18.27miles/29.23Km     Time - 1hr:08:30mins

Really pleased to do over an hour today. It was blowing a really strong gale and it made it quite tough at times. This is the 1st bike session since the London Triathlon and I was quite surprised to feel OK. My time over 25Km was 46:26mins so I'm not too unhappy considering the conditions.
Uckfield here I come!

6th September

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 26:29mins

Great to be back in the pool. I did 500m to test my time for Sunday. I did 9:24mins. I suggested 10mins on my application form, so very happy. I then did 8 x 25m sprints and then some arms only and legs only. I finished off with 150m which I struggled on. I was knackered when I got out.

3rd September

Run.    Distance - miles Km     Time - 47:25mins

As I'm racing again at the Uckfield Triathlon on Sunday, I thought I ought to do a longer session. We were in Bayeaux and I went out before dinner. I ran thru the town and up onto the main road and out towards Caen. I felt very good and satisfied that I've managed to fit in 3 run sessions during my holiday.

2nd September

Run.    Distance - miles Km     Time - 32:32mins

Staying in Vannes now on the West coast. I ran round the harbour and thru the village. It was a lovely bright, sunny morning.









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