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2002 Results

Stratford-upon-Avon PepsiMax Royal Windsor Uckfield
London Langport
The London Triathlon
Sunday 11th August 2002

Official Race Results

I am being sponsored 250 for each Personal Best I set during the race!! Unfortunately I didn't. The Official London Triathlon website is You can find out all the race results there. The times below were all taken from my watch. We did have a timing chip round our ankles so the official results should be more accurate.

My start time this year was 07.05am!!! Too early!

My Estimated Times

750m Swim:      14:38mins


Transition:        5:20mins

20Km Bike:      43:38mins

Transition:         2:33secs

5Km Run:      30:24mins
Total Time:       1hr:37:31

Race Summary

I stood to raise 1,000 in this race if I'd set 3 Personal Bests, but I didn't. My time last year was 1hr:34:15 but I'm still pleased to have come close to that time. Disappointed not to raise 1,000 but I think my mate did say I'd get 100 for each race anyway. Better than a swim in the docks at 7am on a Sunday!!! ;-)
The weather was okay, overcast but dry which was great. I had lots of support thanks to my wife, my two little sisters and my mate Jamie. Jamie, Huge thanks for picking up my sisters from Richmond at such an unsociable hour. Thank you Louise and Sue for making the effort and thank you Nicky. It means so much to me to have you all there on the day.
I was nervous when I woke up but once inside transition I felt ready to tackle the swim. After Windsor in June I was slightly more apprehensive than usual. I was down on the dockside in plenty of time but was very hot, so it was a huge relief to jump into the cold water of the Royal Victoria dock. I decided to start at the front and break my PB. The hooter sounded and we were off. A guy in front of me couldn't swim in a straight line and this proved very annoying as he jiggled left and right. I used the Millennia Mills old derelict building on the right as my marker and just kept up a smooth rhythm. I felt very good and smiled as the old building moved out of site. At the turn I went for it and caught lots of early spurters who were now recovering in breaststroke and that felt good! I even had time to find my wife and sisters in the crowd and wave which was really nice. Before I knew the swim was over and I had somehow wriggled my way out of my wetsuit. I saw my wife and sisters cheering me on and that helped me climb the stairs back inside. Jamie was at the top cheering and I was soon back at my bike getting changed.
The bike course was nice and flat but a little windy on the turn back to Excel. The bike felt good but my left leg was a bit sore. I knew I hadn't done as much bike training as before but I just got on with it. As I reached 10 miles I knew I'd missed my PB but continued back in and was cheered up the final climb my my supporters.
I rested a bit in transition to get my breath back and then set off on the dreaded run. 2 laps around the outside of Excel. I didn't feel too bad and was soon on lap 2. It was great to see so many other Cancer Research UK competitors on the course and we exchanged a few high fives as we passed. Entering Excel for the finish was just awesome! The crowd was big and the cheering spurred me on and I think I even managed a sprint finish!
A great day. As usual I think of Dad an awful lot on the course and probably more today as Louise and Sue were there. This one's for you Dad! xxxx
We spent most of the afternoon stuck in traffic and I have to say it's a lot of hassle to go through especially as I didn't sleep that well last night. I hate to say it, but this could be my last Triathlon for a while.
I'll keep you posted.
GNC Royal Windsor Sprint Triathlon
Sunday 16th June 2002

Official Race Results

I was being sponsored 250 for each Personal Best I set during the race!! This was the worst race ever so the Sponsors' money was safe! The times below were taken from my watch. The Official Results are now on the Human Race website. I didn't train at all for this race, hence my awful times and finishing position!!

My start time this year was 06.08am!!! Too blooming early!

My Times

750m Swim:      22:30mins


Transition:        2:57mins

29Km Bike:      1hr:02:29mins

Transition:         2:25secs

5Km Run:      36:35mins
Total Time:       2hr:05:07

Race Summary

Where do I start. With deep disappointment I think. This race was a nightmare for me! My friend Oliver Lodge pledged 250 for each PB I set today and I drove up from Bristol brimming with confidence. I had the promise of a good group of supporters, which always helps on these tougher races. I arrived in the transition area at 5.30am and changed into my wetsuit. It fits quite nicely now as I have lost a bit of weight. As I headed up to the river I noticed Oliver stood looking over the chaotic scene below. I would like to thank him so much for giving up a Sunday lie-in to come and support me both physically and financially. I was disappointed not to see my mate Jamie and his new girlfriend as they had promised to be there.
At 6:08am I jumped into the cold, murky brown river Thames as the hooter sounded and the first 300m was very comfortable. I then got kicked in the face by a swimmer I was catching. As I spluttered to a stop, I was swamped by swimmers swimming over the top of me! I swallowed water and grimaced and how I didn't give up at that stage I'll never know. I surfaced and saw that I was actually up with the leaders, but as I tried to regain my rhythm I was again hit by other swimmers and I was also finding it hard to breathe. From then on I hated the swim and really struggled. It probably didn't help that I had done no swim training since Stratford! To reach the big yellow buoy at the turning point was heaven and as I turned for home, you could feel the current carry you! What a difference. I was soon on the platoon and heading for transition. I was amazed to have finished the swim and took my time to get my breathe back. Ollie was there supporting and cheering me on as I began my bike section.
The bike was much nicer and I enjoyed the first half until the rain came down. It was also very windy on the far side of the course and that was quite tough. But I did enjoy the bike ride through the Windsor Great Park. I got back and again Ollie was cheering me on and I looked round for Jamie in case he had turned up. I then jumped off the bike and changed shoes and began the hard 3 lap run round Windsor Castle. I was staggered to find no water on the run course, just Lucozade Sport. I complained and a friendly Policeman lent me his bottle, which I had a couple of swigs of. I would like to thank him for being so generous. He was at the top turn by the Castle and Hotels. Thank you very much! The run was tough but I got a couple of mentions on the microphone. The commentator, Steve Trew had done his homework and knew that I would potentially raise 1,000 for Cancer Research UK. I was so relieved to finally be running towards the finishing line for the end of the most gruelling Triathlon I've ever done.
A huge Thank You to Ollie who decided to give 1,000 to my cause even though I didn't break any PB's today. You are a top man Ollie.

My thoughts were with Dad a lot today as once again it was Father's Day and it was all very emotional at times. I miss him so much and just wish the money I'm raising could bring him back. Happy Father's Day,

The Stratford Triathlon
Sunday 12th May 2002

Unofficial Race Results

What a Fantastic day!!  I came 492nd out of 1,000 and despite a lack of serious training in the run up to this race, I felt great on the bike and the run. I am just so pleased with my times!!
More importantly, I raised 450 for Cancer Research UK for doing the race today!!! Huge thanks to my very generous friend!
My Times

500m Swim:      9:13mins


Transition:        2:14mins

23Km Bike:      49:22mins (PB)!!

Transition:         1:13min

5Km Run:        29:28mins
Total Time:       1hr:31.31

Race Summary

I was very motivated to do well today. A great friend did a deal to donate 250 for each personal best that I set today!!! If I didn't manage a PB then he would still pay 100 for each section that I completed. I managed to set a PB on the bike and so raised a total of 450 taking my total so far up to just over 5,500!!!
I hadn't trained as hard for this race but I think the break did me good. My sister, Jane and great mate Jamie came along to offer their support. Once I'd registered and got my number, 954, I racked up my bike and sorted out my kit. It felt weird setting it all out. My last race was back in September and I felt like a novice again! The swim was a little crazy as the lanes were very small and it was way too busy. I was hoping to set a PB in the swim, but I had a couple of clashes with other swimmers and missed my PB by 3 seconds! Gutted! I headed out the pool and into transition where I put on my all new light blue Cancer Research UK T-shirt. I felt confident about the bike as the last time here, I did it on my father-in-Law's mountain bike! The bike section went very smoothly and I was over the moon to have set a PB!! I didn't rush in T-2 and took on plenty of fluid before heading out for 2 laps of the run course. The course was much better this year. It seemed like a long way and the 1st lap was agony on my feet and legs. I felt much more comfortable on the 2nd lap and was pleased to have gone under 30mins.
A really great result and it felt good to be back.
I very nearly didn't do the race and it was only when my friend agreed the huge sponsorship for setting PBs that I decided to go for it!!
Big thanks to Jane and Jamie for coming along and huge thanks to the secret donator!!!!

I thought of Dad a lot during the bike and I said a little prayer for my Grandmother who passed away last week. Her funeral is on Tuesday so that was on my mind a lot. As always, I dedicate this race to my Dad and also to my Granny. May she rest in peace. xxxx

Results from other Years

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