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2001 Results

Stratford-upon-Avon PepsiMax Royal Windsor Uckfield
Crystal Palace London Langport
The Langport Triathlon
Sunday 23rd September 2001

Unofficial Race Results

This was definitely the smallest Triathlon that I'd done this season. It was well organised but lacked the bells and whistles that I've almost got used to when competing at the "big" races. The finish line for example, was just 2 rows of cones that finished next to the Officials' timing table!! No huge finish line gantry like London and Windsor covered with adverts! You'll see what I mean when I get the photos uploaded. But, as I say, a great location and very well run, I'll be back next year.
A big thank you to Jamie who came along to give me much needed support and was my race photographer!! Sorry you had to forgo your Sunday morning lie-ins!!! I'd also like to thank Russell Barnes who organised the event and let me enter the race with such short notice. I'd also like to thank all the volunteers who helped. Without them, we wouldn't be able to race so Thanks.
Please note: The times below were taken by quick glances from my watch.
My Times

400m Swim:      07:30mins


Transition:        2:25mins

22.5Km Bike:      49:18mins

Transition:         1:00min

6.5Km Run:      33:00mins (PB)
Total Time:       1 Hr 33:03

Race Summary

You will see from the Times above that some of the distances were slightly different, the swim shorter but the bike & run both longer than usual.
The swim was in an outdoor 25m pool which was heated, thankfully!! The day started out quite cold but the sun did come out during the bike section. The pool was quite crowded with 3 to a lane and it was a delight to plunge in out of the cold, but once I'd warmed up, it became just a bit too hot. I was pleased with my time of 7:30, only 10secs slower than my fastest time in training and I headed out and into the transition area. I was very aware of my still sore left foot and ran as softly as I could on the tarmac. The transition area was long and narrow and my bike was at the far end, but close to the bike exit. Jamie was waiting for me by my bike and I did an OK change and onto the bike. This bit I was dreading! I had driven the course on Saturday and there were 3 hills. The main hill, Kingsdown Hill was an absolute killer and the hardest climb I've done to date. I had to drop the bike into 1st to get up the steepest bit. It was a great relief to go zooming down the other side and the other 2 hills seemed tiny in comparison! It was a really nice bike course and very picturesque. I made good time and was soon off and beginning the run. I wasn't sure before the race whether I would complete the run as my foot was still sore the day before, but as I'm being sponsored 10 for each race I do, I just went for it. The route went through the field behind the Sports Centre and up over some farmer's fields too before going onto the main road and then up a residential road. I had a giggle with a few of the much faster Triathletes who started after me. As we passed I bet them they would beat me and........they did!! I was feeling good on the run and I even managed a sprint finish through the cones!!
I am sad that this is my last Triathlon of the year but I will be doing many more next year. In the meantime there are a few Aquathons(Swim & Run) and Duathlons(Bike & Run) which I may enter in the coming weeks.
The Official Results are being posted later this week so I have no idea where I came, but I did a better time than I'd anticipated so I'm pleased.
Alastair's Mum, Kate, is not well and is still in hospital, so my thoughts were with her a lot today. So I once again dedicate this race to Kate Trainer and I send her my love. xx
The Uckfield Triathlon
Sunday 9th September 2001

Unofficial Race Results

I was really impressed with the Uckfield Triathlon and this is definitely one I'll be doing next year. It is a friendly race and I met lots of really nice people, some of which I hope to keep in touch with.
I came 93rd out of 161.
More Personal Bests and I beat my target time of 1 hr 26mins so I'm really chuffed.
A big thank you to Nicky, my Mum, Alastair & Jane who came along to give me much needed support. Sorry you had to forgo your Sunday morning lie-ins!!!
Please note: The times below were taken by quick glances from my watch.
My Times

500m Swim:      09:10mins (PB)


Transition:        1:45mins

20Km Bike:      44:00mins

Transition:         0:38min

5Km Run:      28:00mins (PB)
Total Time:       1 Hr 23:33

Race Summary

I got there early and drove the Bike course which was fairly flat except for a couple of hills, one quite long. I registered and racked up and then relaxed with a RedBull for that extra bit of caffeine! I was feeling good about the race and I had my Mum, Alastair, Nicky & Jane to support me along. It was quite a small Triathlon, only about 210 competitors in total, men & women! But that gave the day quite a friendly, relaxed feel. It was all very well organised and the transition area was clearly marked so I knew where I was going in and out. I attended the briefing at 7:45am and then met up with my little group of supporters. Nicky and Mum were my photographers and I hope to have some good pictures.
The start of my swim was delayed whilst marshal radios were fixed. I felt very strong in the swim and was pleased to have done it in 9:10mins, according to my watch. I hurt my left heel as I ran barefoot down the tarmac slope towards transition. I didn't noticed until the end of the race!! The bike course was a bit hilly going in and out of the Leisure Centre neighbourhood, but the main roads were all fairly flat. It was a lovely sunny day, but it was very windy on the course. I wondered why some cyclists were going so slowly until I turned round and hit the wall of wind!!! The return journey was into a strong headwind, so I just put my head down and went for it. I'm pleased with my time under those conditions and as I headed back into transition to begin my run, my family were all cheering me on. The run was 6 laps around the playing fields at the back of the Leisure Centre and I felt awful for the 1st 2 laps and then began to pick up the pace slightly. I was over the moon to have done the run in 28mins!! I'm amazed. I knew the time on my watch and I knew that I was going to be close to my target time of 1hr 26mins, so I really pushed on the last couple of laps and I'm so pleased with my time. I thought of my Dad lots today and also my wife's Mum and I blew them both up a kiss during the Run! xx
My left foot is now really sore and it is painful to put pressure on to the heel. I am resting it as much as I can and hopefully I've just bruised it.
The Official Results are being posted on Thursday so I will have them by next week, but in the meantime the Unofficial results will be on the Uckfield Triathlon website.
Alastair's Mum, Kate, is not well and is in hospital, so my thoughts were with her during the race today. So I dedicate this race to Kate Trainer and wish her a full & very speedy recovery. xx
The London Sprint Triathlon
Sunday 26th August 2001

Official Race Results

The full results are available at The London Triathlon website. Just click on 2001 Results and select Male Only under the Sprint category.
I can't believe that I have competed at The Excel Exhibition Centre. It really is a truly stunning venue to compete at. The swim was in the Royal Victoria Dock below Excel and looked fantastic! It was great to see so many Elite triathletes there and I was lucky enough to meet a few of them. I really liked Tim Don, Richard Stannard, Richard Allen, Michelle Dillon, Jodie Swallow & Andrea Whitcombe. I had a chat with them all and they are all really genuinely nice people, and blooming fit!!
I'd like to thank Ben Mansford from SBI for looking after me over the weekend and also to Lucy Pearse, Natalie & Kate from Imperial Cancer Research Fund who came along just to support me!! Thank you so much!
Also a big thank you to my Mum, Alastair & Jamie who came along to give me much needed support. Sorry you had to get up so blooming early!
Please note: The times below provided by The London Triathlon.
My Times

750m Swim:      14:32mins (PB)


Transition:        5:26mins

20Km Bike:      41:02mins (PB)

Transition:         3:17min

5Km Run:      30:00mins
Total Time:       1 Hr 34:15 (PB)

Race Summary

I came 120th out of 201!! and I was 48th fastest in the swim.
I feel absolutely fantastic!! This event had all the makings of one of the year's biggest and it was!! Jamie got up at 3am and drove up from Dorset to support me!! We met in the car park and he helped me carry my gear to the transition area. I met up with Peter, a mate of Donnie's and we walked down to the swim together. His mother passed away earlier this year and he too is raising money for Cancer Research. There was a 15 minute delay whilst we waited for the safety canoes to turn-up! It was quite overcast, but still a bit humid and we all began to boil in our wetsuits and swim caps, so it was very refreshing to finally plunge into the murky, green waters of the dock. I decided to start at the front with the big boys and it was a good move. The starting horn sounded and I was off. I swam just behind the feet of a slightly faster swimmer and I think that made it a bit easier for me being in his tow. I soon got into a rhythm and I was in a nice clear stretch of water for a lot of the swim. I felt very comfortable as I turned for home, the view each time I took a breath of the Excel building up above was really impressive and there were hundreds of people cheering us all on. I can't believe I did the swim in 14:32!!! Chuffed. I didn't rush the transition as it was all very slippery under foot. I set off on the bike and even though my heart rate was high, I felt comfortable. The bike course was fairly flat apart from one short climb back into transition. I went for it on the bike too and I'm pleased with my time. I then set off on the run; still my weakest link but I am slowly improving. I didn't feel too bad once I started the 2nd lap. The support from the Marshals was fantastic and as I entered Excel at the end of lap 1 I noticed the girls from ICRF with a big orange banner and Mum, Al & Jamie all cheering me on. I always struggle slightly on the run and the cheers from my supporters really spurred me on. On the way round the run course a Marshal called out my name as I approached him and he told me that he'd looked at my website and really liked it!!!! I was amazed. It was like being famous for a split second! As I entered Excel again for the Finish, I got quite emotional and thought of my Gran who passed away last week and of my Dad. I felt they were up there helping me through it today! I put my arms aloft as I crossed the finish line, and received my medal!! Yes....a medal!! It's really nice. I'll have a few photos of it in the Gallery once my film has been developed!!
The race is going to be televised on Grandstand on Sunday 9th September. Well, not my race...the Elite races!!! Just in case they do show a bit of us mere mortals, my race number was 1241.

My thoughts were with my Gran and my Uncles who have lost a wonderful Mum.
I dedicate this race to my Dad and my Gran in Scotland. She passed away last week having suffered from bowl cancer for a long while. To my Dad and my dear Gran. May you both rest in peace. I miss you both! xxx

Crystal Palace Sprint Triathlon
Sunday 15th July 2001

Official Race Results

I only decided to enter this race a month ago as it's main Charity sponsor was Imperial Cancer Research Fund. I had to think long and hard before sending off the application as this race clashes with the British Grand Prix, and I love F1. But I felt that this was the better cause and so sent it off. Then to my "horror" on Friday night, I was offered a ticket and flight into Silverstone! I very nearly accepted, but I thought of Dad and the cause and I decided to record the GP and to do the Triathlon.
I'm now very pleased that I did and I had a great day.
Please note: The times below are rough times taken by quick glances from my watch.
My Times

750m Swim:      15:00mins


Transition:        2:00mins

20Km Bike:      49:12mins

Transition:         1:00min

5Km Run:      29:43mins
Total Time:       1 Hr 36:55

Race Summary

My wife was competing at a Dressage Show today so I was on my own. Or so I thought!! My mate Rick appeared from behind a pillar to surprise me and then my Mum & Al appeared about 20 mins before I was due to start my race. It was really wonderful to see them and I couldn't stop hugging them!! It really means so much to have supporters at the race. Then my mate Tony arrived and he helped me through some stretches before I went poolside. Al, my stepfather looked after my wedding ring during the race.
The swim was fine and very comfortable, except I kept catching my left hand and watch on the lane divider. I think I was 2nd out the pool and I was quite happy with my transition. The weather was very good with sunshine most of the day. The cycle course was within the grounds of Crystal Palace and there was a killer hill that was a struggle each lap. We had to do 9 laps and each time the hill got harder and harder! My bike time was slightly slower than I'd have liked but I'm fairly happy. The transition was good and the run was amazing. I felt the most comfortable ever!! I really enjoyed the run and all my supporters really helped with their loud cheering and Al in the stadium was particularly vocal!! Thank you! The run finished inside the huge stadium and we had to complete a lap and a half. I felt great as I entered the stadium and the soft, spongy track was bliss on my weary legs! I'm really pleased with my time and it will be a benchmark for The London Triathlon next month. This is definitely the best I've felt at the end of a race and I'm really pleased that I went just over 3 mins faster than I'd predicted.

Thinking of Dad really helped me through the tough bike section today and I'm determined to raise the 10,000 for Imperial Cancer Research Fund by Christmas.
I dedicate this race to my Dad and my Gran in Scotland. She's not well at all and I hope & pray that she recovers and gets well soon.

PepsiMax Royal Windsor Sprint Triathlon
Sunday 17th June 2001

Official Race Results

The Official Results are now out . You can check them out now by going to the HumanRace website where you will find a full list of results. My results are under the Sprint Distance.
What a day!!! This was only my 2nd triathlon and Windsor is the biggest event on the calendar! There were over 1500 competitors and the crowds of spectators that came out later in the morning to see the Elite Triathletes, were massive.
I'm really pleased with my official time of 1hr 58:56 and I came 238th out 322 and 44th in my class out of 58. Once again my swim was quite good, I was 90th after the swim!
You will see from the result lists that the times were all very close and for me to finish in the top 50 I need to find about 20 minutes from somewhere!!! Next year maybe!
Please note: The times below are rough times taken by quick glances from my watch.
My Times

750m Swim:      22:30mins


Transition:        2:57mins

29Km Bike:      59:29mins

Transition:         1:25secs

5Km Run:      32:35mins
Total Time:       1 Hr 58:56

Race Summary

It's Sunday afternoon, and I can't believe that I did it!! There were a couple of things concerning me about this race. The fact that my start time was so early, 6:03am and the fact that I had never done an open water swim before! I didn't sleep very well the night before and I got up at 4:30am. Nicky & I got to the transition area at 5.20am and began to set out my kit, in readiness for the race. I put my wetsuit on and then made my way over to the start with Nicky. She had her video camera, so I've got some great video footage of the race. There was one race before mine at 6am and it made me realise the enormity of my task ahead. The water was cold & filthy and we had to swim into a current for over half the race!! About 5 mins before the start of my race, my sister, Jane appeared!!! I was so surprised, it really was great to see her, she hadn't told me she was coming to support! It meant so much to me having my wife & sister there. I left it until the final moment, before diving in and then we were off. Murky brown, cold water and 200 other swimmers!! Complete madness. I decided not to go for it in the swim so I could conserve some energy for the bike and run. I have never experienced anything quite as bizarre as the swim. The current was far stronger than I imagined and it was really hard work. At the end, there were helpers to drag you up & out of the water, and boy did I need their help!!
I didn't rush back to my bike, I took it gently and got my breath back. It took me a while to get the wetsuit off and then I quickly got my bike shoes etc on and made my way to the mounting area for the bike section. I felt very comfortable on the bike, there was a slight headwind, but a mere gentle breeze compared to the river currents! It helped that I'd ridden the course before, as I knew what to expect and where the hills were. I was even overtaking this time!! It felt great! I would like to say a BIG thank you to Mick, the Manager at  Dave Bater Cycles in Park Street, Bristol. He helped me with my riding position on Saturday morning and he has been a great knowledge source, along with all the guys in the shop.
Nicky & Jane were cheering me as I came back in from the bike, which spurred me on for the transition to the run. I did a fairly quick transition and headed out on the run leg! This bit I was not looking forward to. Again, Nicky & Jane were there to give me much needed encouragement. I had to do 3 laps round Windsor and I went past the Castle 3 times and the Queen didn't pop out to say hello once!! I walked a couple of times as my heart rate climbed. Each time I completed a lap I had to take a rubber band for my wrist, so the marshals knew who had done the required number of laps. It was very emotional out on the course. I got loads of encouragement from the race officials who had seen my t-shirt and I'm glad I was wearing sunglasses to hide the tears. The final lap and a half were quite comfortable and I almost enjoyed it!!
It was great to head for the finish line and it was all mega professional with loads of adverts everywhere and a proper finish gantry!! I felt like a Triathlete!! I crossed the line and struggled to catch my breath. I had a couple of swigs of water and felt better. I had done it!!! Amazing! I can't believe that 2 months after my 1st Triathlon, I've now finished a Sprint distance!! The Crystal Palace Triathlon next!!

I thought of my poor Dad a lot today as it was Father's Day, and I'm determined to raise the 10,000 for Imperial Cancer Research Fund by Christmas.
I once again dedicate this race to my Dad on Father's Day, and to my 2 main supporters, my darling wife, Nicky and my sister, Jane. Thanks for the support at such an unearthly hour!!

Stratford-upon-Avon Novice Triathlon
Saturday 28th April 2001

Official Race Results

The Official Results are now out and I received a copy in the post this morning. You can check them out now by going to the UK Results website where you will find a full list of results.
I'm really pleased with my position and I'm chuffed that after the Swim, I was 22nd out of 247!! Very happy. With a racing bike I think I could have knocked off 10mins so I could have been in the top 50!!
Please note: The times below are rough times taken by quick glances from my watch. The Official Times have included transition times into each discipline, hence the difference.
My Times

200m Swim:      4:04mins


Transition:        2:15mins

23Km Bike:      56:26mins

Transition:         0:35secs

2.5Km Run:      15:32mins
Total Time:       1 Hr 18:52

Race Summary

It's Sunday morning, and I can't believe that I did it!! It was an amazing day. I was really nervous about an hour before, but my wife, sister, father-in-law and lots of friends had come along to support me, which was really, really great. Once I'd registered, got my number, "278" and had it painted on my leg and arm, I racked my bike up and laid out all my gear, ready for the transitions. I grabbed a locker in the changing rooms and then took time out to relax and have a giggle with everyone. We all watched some of the early competitors & I sussed out the swimming pool. My father-in-law had 2 huge banners with "COME ON DICKIE!!" printed on with a picture of a runner. They were excellent and I couldn't fail to notice them every time I came back into the transition area!!! They've been stored away until my next race!!
20 minutes before my start time, I got changed into my swim gear and my mate, Tony who's a Personal Fitness Trainer, ran me through some stretching routines. I went poolside and got myself a nice yellow cap! I then quickly went back into the loo to put it on. I'd never worn a swimming cap and it took me 3 or 4 attempts to get it on!! There was a quick briefing and I looked up at the gallery and saw my little group all waving at me. I was now really nervous!! I got in and swam half a length, in the warm-up lane. I was concerned that the water proof dressings on my leg and little finger might come off, as I could feel water getting in.
The swim was fine, but I took it slightly slower than normal, not wanting to over do it. I got out, ripped the cap off and jogged outside to the transition area. My pulse was racing and I saw my wife wave and give me the thumbs up. The dressing on my leg was hanging half off, so I ripped it off. I put my helmet on and then realised I needed to put my t-shirt on 1st!!! Got the t-shirt on, put my helmet and sunglasses on, then my socks and shoes, unracked my bike and I was off.
My group of supporters cheered as I mounted my bike and whizzed by them. What a great feeling!! It was really windy and the bike was quite hard. The first half wasn't too bad, except for being overtaken by 5 or 6 racing bikes!! That was slightly frustrating and demoralising, but I pedalled on, knowing that the uphill section was still to come! As I approached the turn before the M40 it began raining and the wind picked up. The final section home was up a dual carriageway into the wind and it began to rain hailstones!!! I just kept my head down and was really chuffed to overtake two racing bikes!! I was catching a 3rd but as we got to the flat, he just went away again. As I came back into Stratford I felt really good and comfortable and was very pleased with my time. At the entrance to the Leisure Centre 2 more friends had arrived and the noise from my wife, her dad, my sister and friends was amazing! Thanks everyone.
I did a super quick transition, off the bike, helmet off, quick drink and then the Run! The course was out the back of the Leisure Centre across fields with blooming great rabbit holes and swamp land!! It seemed to go on forever and I was absolutely knackered. I really began to think this would be the one and only Triathlon I do. I was struggling but battled on and the return leg was better, I knew I was nearly there and as I entered the back of the swimming pool section I was smiling through gritted teeth. There were 6 steps I had to stagger up and there in front of me was the Finishing Line and all my supporters!!! My sister, Jane luckily had a bottle of water for me which I gulped down whilst trying to recover. As I got my breathe back I began to feel amazing and really pleased that I'd done it. My 1st of many!!

I did think of my poor Dad, as I finished as he is the man behind my cause. Whilst I showered later on, I again thought of him and shed a tear or two. Even though I was close to giving up on the run I will continue to train and compete in Triathlon and I'm determined to raise the 10,000 for Imperial Cancer Research Fund by Christmas.
I dedicate this race to my Dad.

Results from other Years

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