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2004 Results

The London Triathlon
Saturday 31st July 2004

Unofficial Race Results

The full results will be available at The London Triathlon website sometime on Sunday 1st August.

Please note: The times below are a rough estimate of what I think my times were.

My Times

750m Swim:      15:30mins


Transition:        5:00mins

20Km Bike:      46:00mins

Transition:         3:00min

5Km Run:      34:00mins
Total Time:       1 Hr 43:00 

Race Summary

What an amazing day! I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that came to support me and Rob for our race. It meant an awful lot to me. I'd also like to say a massive thank you to everyone that made a donation to Cancer Research UK via my website. That really is very special and hopefully the money will help prevent others from having to suffer like my Dad.
Rob Dash and I set off in my father-in-law's Range Rover from Bristol at 7am. Rob hadn't had much sleep and so was feeling very tired. We made good time as the roads were very quiet but as we drove along the Embankment we noticed a high pitched whining coming from the rear passenger wheel. We stopped by Blackfriars and could see anything and both agreed to keep going to Excel where I would then call the AA. The traffic going into the Excel Centre West Car Park was OK at 10am but it soon got much worse. The AA van was not allowed in and so we couldn't get the car looked at. The West Car Park was then closed for no reason that seemed to make any sense. So my wife and friends were diverted along with hundreds of other cars to the East car park. The directions were very bad and my wife finally arrived very stressed. Not very spectator friendly.
The same thing happened with my other friends and my Mum and step-father. I will be emailing the organisors to give them our feedback. Getting into the transition area to rack our bikes up proved just as congested and the queue for registration was ridiculously long. It just seemed that the huge numbers whilst very much expected, hadn't been catered for at all. There were only about 7 or 8 people handing out the timing chips for over 4,000 competitors! Crazy. It wasn't helped by the weather; it was a scorching hot, sunny day.
We all sat outside a coffee shop and after the stress of getting in and getting the bike racked up I enjoyed relaxing and catching up with friends and family prior to the race. The race had to be delayed by half an hour and I nearly missed my slot as time ticked on.
I got my wetsuit on and before I knew it we were heading down to the dockside and into the Royal Victoria Dock. I hadn't had time to stretch or focus on my race at all which was disappointing. The cold water of the dock was very refreshing as the temperature was 30C!! We were soon off and the start of the swim was very frustrating as I was hemmed in between two swimmers. One kept stopping to do breaststroke and kept kicking me in the shoulder so I tried to drop back to go round the right of him but got caught by swimmers behind me. I had to put up with both of them until I got to the turning buoy and I put a bit of a spurt on and headed over to the right towards the Excel Centre. The return leg was very comfortable and before I knew it I was out and taking my wetsuit off. Having dropped it into a bag I ran back inside, up the stairs and was greeted by cheers from Nicky, Mum, Al, Stephanie, Jamie and Sammie and Tony etc. It was amazing. I found my way to my bike and was soon in the saddle and on the bike course. We went left out of Excel and headed towards central London. There was one climb that whilst not being steep, steep, it was steep and long enough. In the heat, I drank plenty of fluids and soon I was on lap 2.
Rob had started in the wave behind me, half an hour later and I overtook him on the bike as I headed back in at the end of my leg. I waved to him and turned left to head back up the steep slope into transition. I then began the tortuous run. In the heat and sunshine it was almost unbearable at times. I got very emotional thinking of dad as I passed the Cancer Research UK troop with their huge banner. They cheered me on and were amazing. Thank you all so much. Unfortunately, it was too much and I broke down in tears and struggled to catch my breath. It's virtually impossible to breathe and cry at the same time!!! I miss Dad so much and the emotions of the race really took hold during the run. I saw my step-father cheering me on outside by the Excel steps and that was really nice. Thanks Al. I then went back inside towards the finish at the end of lap 1 and saw all my friends and family. I then had to turn right and head back outside on lap 2. I so wanted to head for the finish and the thought of having to do one more lap was excruciating! I saw my mum outside and I stopped to give her a kiss. I then broke into tears again! I then struggled round lap 2, stopping at the Cancer Research UK team, where I had a quick swig of water. Thanks guys and girls. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up after the race, I did try to find you. Soon I was back inside and heading for the finish.
I couldn't believe the noise that my friends and family made and I will never forget my gorgeous wife's face smiling from ear to ear and she cheered me on. Thanks Babe. xx I crossed the line and grabbed a water and then saw all my friends and family. It was very emotional and I think I set a few of them off as I cried on shoulders
i didn't stop thinking of Dad during the bike and run and I blew him plenty of kisses. The heat made this one of the hardest triathlons I have ever done and it was worth it for the 2,000 I raised in Dad's memory. This one was for you Dad. I miss you so much. xxxx
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