MY Training Diary - November 2001

23rd November

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 21:06mins

I had to try the swim again today and am I relieved!! I felt great today and loved it. Still bloody hard though. I did 750m and did it in 14:29mins so I'm over the moon as it matches my PB that I set in September!! I pushed it and felt knackered but that's more like it, so I am back!! Speaking of backs, I'm seeing the Chiro today at 2.30pm and I need it. I felt really stiff when I got out the pool. Bending over was not easy, I was like an old man. It's fine now though.
It's been a good week of training so far, but I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't squeezed a run in. I may go tomorrow, just for a gentle 2.5Km to ease into it.

22nd November

Bike.    Distance - 13.24 miles/21.18Km     Time - 51:45mins

Having had an awful time in the pool this morning, I decided to take lunch and go out on my bike. It was lovely, clear day but very windy. I went to Cleeve on the A370 and I struggled. It felt good but I can't begin to explain what it feels like to be struggling for breath when passing a freshly spread field full of muck!!! It catches in your throat and you can't stop it because you are so out of breath!!! The experience is not one I look forward to having again!! The wind was really strong in places and I had to fight hard against it. My heart rate touched 185 a couple of times so I still haven't fully regained my fitness, but I feel good having done the bike and a swim today.

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 26:22mins

Today's swim was the worst ever. I have never felt so lethargic and I struggled to do the last 10 or so lengths. I love swimming, but today was weird. I actually hated being in the water today. But I carried on and finished the session. My arms were sore and my breathing didn't fell right at all. I shall pop back tomorrow morning again, just to finish the week on a better note, hopefully!

20th November

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 24:13mins

I did 750m without stopping but it was hard work. I did it in 16:09 which is a little slower than my best. I then did a couple of 50m sprints and a gentle 50m to finish. My back still feels okay so I'm quite pleased. Just amazed at how quickly you can lose your fitness in a month and a half!

19th November

Bike.    Distance - 12.22 miles/19.55Km     Time - 54:15mins

I was feeling good from my swim so I decided to take an hour for lunch and went for a bike session along the A370 to Cleeve. It was really cold and I'd wrapped up nice and warm, but it didn't stop me freezing! I then did the 1/4 mile loop round Woodview Close and did 3 miles as it is fairly flat and very quiet. I then headed home. I didn't push it at all and I'm very pleased to have done over 50mins.
My back feels great after the 2 sessions today, so fingers crossed.

Swim.    Distance - 650m     Time - 20:10mins

I struggled out of bed and into the car and into the pool! I'm pleased I forced myself to do this session. I haven't swum since the end of Oct and I could feel it. My stroke is still okay but I'm out of condition. I just did a nice gentle session to ease myself back into it and I did do 1 x 50 sprint near the end just to see my time. I did it in 45secs so I was quite happy.
I am going to try to fit in at least 3 swim sessions this week and some bike and maybe one run session. The running jars my spine more than the other 2 disciplines and I need to find a nice field to run round. I've been told to keep off the roads.

14th November

Run.    Distance - 2.3 miles/3.7Km     Time - 25:00mins

I just did a gentle jog on the treadmill and my back was fine, but my left knee was slightly sore at the end. I'm pleased that I managed to squeeze a session in during my stay in Manchester. Seeing the Chiro on Friday so I'll see if any damage has been done!

Bike.    Distance - 9.9 miles/15.84Km     Time - 33:24mins

I'm staying in the Premier Lodge hotel in Manchester and they have a gym on the 2nd floor. I decided that as I don't drink, I would have a quick workout before joining the Internet World party at 7.30pm.
I ended up working out for longer than I'd planned. I warmed up on the treadmill and my back felt good so I then did a session on the bike. It is much easier in the gym on a stationary bike than the road. I felt good at the end of the cycle so then did a gentle run.

9th November

Bike.    Distance - 4.8 miles/7.68Km     Time - 21:06mins

I have to tell you that it felt very good getting back on my bike. It did to start with, but then I got knackered really quite quickly. I was told to take the bike especially easy as the bending over the handlebars is not good for my back. No hills, just flat as possible to begin with.
So what better than the Smiley Miley loop. Just a gentle warm-up before I get back into my serious Winter schedule. I did 2 laps and that was enough. I finished work a little early in order to get out and back before darkness fell. It was bitterly cold and hard work. But, I feel good, back seems to be OK, so we'll see.

9th November

I have been given the all clear by my Chiropractor. Well, nearly all clear. I am allowed to start Cycling, Jogging and Swimming again, but just gently to begin with. I am so pleased. I've really missed the training and I am beginning to feel unfit and unhealthy.









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