MY Training Diary - May 2001

31st May

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 27.54mins

My 1st swim session since 18th May and it felt like it too. I had to stop after 400m as I was completely knackered! I then did 8 sets of 50m with 30sec rest. I then finished with a gentle 200m swim.
I am now slightly worried about my race on 17th June in Windsor. It's a 750m swim in the Thames!! I will just have to take it gently and make sure I finish.

27th May

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles     Time - 49.34mins

This workout was harder due to sleep depravation!!! The pace of the Stag Weekend was ridiculous and I'd had far too many late nights. I decided to run for at least 45mins and I did 3.1 miles in 31.56mins. I wasn't trying too hard. I can't believe my next race is only 2 weeks away. I would love to be fitter, but it will come with time. At least I have done some training whilst on holiday!

25th May

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles     Time - 42.35mins

I was in South Africa for a friends Stag Weekend and the hotel had a running machine. I managed to find some spare time between partying and did a 40 minute session. My time over 3.1 miles was 29.42mins and I then carried on. Running on a tredmill is far easier than road running. My heart rate was lower and I felt more comfortable than normal.

22nd May

Bike.    Distance - 12.95 miles/20.72Km     Time - 48:28mins

I wanted to do a 45 minute session on the bike today. I decided to stay close to home so I did 5 or 6 laps of the Smiley Miley loop. I am getting more confident with the cleats and I am still very comfortable on the bike. My legs are working harder now that my feet are locked in, I have to "lift" the pedals as well now! I'm still very cautious when approaching road junctions. I try to slow right down and hope there's nothing coming so I don't have to release my foot. It worked OK today. There was one give way where I had to balance whilst waiting for a car to pass, but otherwise it was fine.
I'm pleased with the time I did over this distance. My race is 29Km and so at this pace my time should be around 1hr 07mins. The section I did today is more hilly than Windsor and I took lots of breathers, so I should be able to go quicker on the day.

21st May

Bike.    Distance - miles     Time - 36.43mins

I don't know how far I went today, but I went to Nailsea and up over the top. I didn't have much time but I wanted to do at least half an hour just to get used to the bike and the cleats again. I was nervous as I wobbled off at the beginning and I did a couple of stops and dismounts in my lane before going onto the main road!!! It's really nerve-racking. I'm paranoid about getting my feet stuck, but I'm sure it will become easier and more familiar with time.
I'm going for a longer one tomorrow, and then I must have another go in my wetsuit. So many things to get used to and such little time!!

20th May

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles     Time - 26.40mins

Some friends were doing a 5km (3.1 miles) Fun Run for Imperial Cancer Research Fund in Bristol this morning and one of them did it in 24mins. I had no idea how fast I could cover 5km in, so I decided to go for it and find out. I really went for it and my half distance time was 12mins which is great! But, I was already huffing & puffing! The homeward leg was slightly slower and I did have to walk twice as my heart rate soared into the 190's!! I am quite pleased with my overall time, but I was absolutely knackered! I was sweating for about half an hour after I'd had a shower!! I think my time for the Run at Windsor will be nearer 30mins!

19th May

Bike.    Distance - miles     Time - 43.49mins

I was very apprehensive about my bike session today. I took delivery of my new Racing bike yesterday, which is just amazing!! But it has a new feature that I've never used before.......cleats!! They are special pedals that you clip special shoes onto. This gives you much more pedal power, but the BIG drawback is that if you suddenly stop, you need to very quickly flick your heel out to release the shoe from the cleat. Should you fail to release your shoe in time, the bike and you fall over!!! Whilst getting used to this process in my hall, the bike and I fell over twice!!! So you can imagine how nervous I was before I set off on my 1st ride!
I was really impressed by the speed of it and I was amazed at how comfortable it was to ride. I did 4 laps of the Smiley Miley loop and I have to admit, I was relieved to get home in one piece!!

18th May

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 25.00mins

I bought an ORCA Speedsuit Wetsuit on Wednesday from TriUK in Yeovil. It's an amazing workout just getting the thing on!! I need to get used to the feel of it, so I went to the local pool today and tried it out for the 1st time!! I got some very funny looks from the other swimmers.
The suit is very comfortable on, but slightly tight so I found it harder to breathe when swimming. It's very buoyant and you simple float along on the surface, but I should have put some Vaseline on my neck. The neck-seal has rubbed the right side of my neck red raw! I got the suit on and off OK, but my breathing did feel quite restricted. I hope this will get better the more I use it, I don't want to have to stop in the Thames mid-way to catch my breathe!!

15th May

Run.    Distance - 3.5 miles     Time - 40.13mins

I've been told off by my Ironman mentor. A really nice guy has been helping & guiding me with great advice via email. He is currently training for The Ironman Triathlon in Lanzarote on 27th May!!!! Please see Triathlons for an explanation of Ironman. It's mad basically!!
He explained that I shouldn't worry too much about distance, but concentrate on time spent exercising. So I decided to Run for 40mins and I did. I admit I did walk for about 2 or 3 mins in total, but I am now really determined to knuckle down to some serious training. My next race is just over 1 month away and it's gonna be tough, unless I get on with it.

13th May

Bike.    Distance - 14.92Km     Time - 41.21mins

I went through Backwell, right into Nailsea, up a steep hill to Wraxall and then round the Smiley Miley Loop once. I felt great and did 5 or 6 bursts of sprinting, but the hill into Wraxall was steeper than I was hoping, and I feel very hot now!! Had a long shower and I'm still sweating!!

12th May

Rest Day

11th May

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 23.32mins

My aim was to see what my time over 750m was, which is the distance of the Swim in my next Triathlon! I did it in 14.42mins. I was quite pleased but I'm slightly worried about the race itself. It's fine swimming in a clear pool, you can see where you are going and there aren't too many people. Can you imagine swimming in a river with 500-600 people at the same time, cold & murky water and having to watch where you are going?!! It's also easier in a pool as you can pause for breath as you make each turn. In a river/lake, it's non-stop. So it should be fun!!!
I'm considering entering a Triathlon before the Windsor race, not to compete in but just to try out the open-water swim. I'll let you know.

Run.    Distance - 3.1miles     Time - 28mins

I'm pleased I went for my second session today. It was quite a humid day today and within 5 minutes I was sweating. This was quite a hard run, I did 1 lap of "The Smiley Miley Loop". I can now gauge my fitness over the next few weeks by doing this run once a week. It took ages for me to cool down after this run. My shins were much better today.

8th May

Bike.    Distance - 14.83Km     Time - 42.05mins

I did an early evening Bike ride and tried to push quite hard but was disappointed with my time over 11.5Km of 28mins. I was hoping to go a bit quicker. I did the 14.83Km in 38mins but then went for a short run up and down the lane.
I have been meaning to let you all in on a strange thing I notice from time to time, mainly on my bike rides. SMELLS!!! When I'm training quite hard and struggling for breath, I've noticed some horrible and weird local aromas!! I was struggling up a hill the other day and a field had been recently muck-spread!!! You can't imagine the feeling as you struggle for air and all you get is that smell!!

7th May

Run.    Distance - 4.2miles     Time - 48:27mins

I have a new contact who is doing an Ironman Triathlon in Lanzarote this month!! He has been giving me advice and has suggested a training routine for me. I wanted to try to run for an hour today!!! No chance. I am still suffering from sore shins and I really felt it on this run. In fact I had to take a couple of stops and walk for a bit as I was out of breath and my legs were beginning to get sore. But I was pleased to do my longest run so far and I feel fine now.

5th May

Run.    Distance - 2.5miles     Time - 26:41mins

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but I forced myself and went for an easy session round the Smiley Miley loop. My shins were sore today so I didn't run for as long as I wanted. But I'm glad that at least I did some exercise.

3rd May

Run.    Distance - 3.75miles     Time - 30:35mins

I was very tired this morning and didn't want to get up, never mind go for a Run!! But, Rick insisted and I feel better for it now. My left shin was slightly sore when we got back and I found it much harder today. It would have been so easy to have stayed in bed and not gone running, but every session helps get me fitter and nearer my next target of the 5km distance.

1st May

Run.    Distance - 4.25miles     Time - 35:16mins

Having had a couple of days rest, I've decided that I need to concentrate a bit more time on my running. I'm staying in London for 3 days so I brought my gear with me and Rick & I went for a run before dinner. Rick's a bit fitter than me and lead me round the streets of Chelsea & Battersea.
I'm really pleased as this was my longest Run since I began training. The time reflects the fact that I was pushed harder than I would normally push myself!! It's always good to have someone to run with, as you spur each other on. I was fairly comfortable most of the way and I can now build on this. I bought a running magazine today called "Running Fitness!" It has some really good training routines, especially focusing on interval training and sprint & threshold sessions, all of which I need to add to my training.



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