MY Training Diary - March 2004

31st March

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 22:36mins

An early morning run in the sunshine. Great way to start the day but I began the run too fast hence my higher HR. I got to Farleigh Green and did some sprints in the lay by, then headed home.
HR - 161.
HR 176 at the highest.

30th March

Bike.    Distance - 11.0miles/17.6Km     Time - 45:31mins

I wanted to go for approx race distance and did 11 miles, so 1.5miles short. But it was windy so I'm quite pleased with my time. My legs were sore from yesterday's run. I did the Smiley Miley loop 4 times with an added section towards Long Ashton each time.
HR - 155.
HR 168 at the highest.

29th March

Run.    Distance - 3.2miles/5.0Km     Time - 34:41mins

This run absolutely killed me! My legs were agony and both feet were almost numb when I got home! Can't be good. I wanted to do a race distance just to see how my time was. I was pleased to have run the entire way, but time was not good.
HR - 159.
HR 174 at the highest.

28th March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 32:50mins

Another session in the garage with the baby monitor, whilst Stephanie had her morning sleep.
This time I did some fartleks:
5mins warm-up
4th gear for 7mins, then minute 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 & 27 I upped it to 6th gear for 1min each time.
Then a 4min cool down.
HR - 130.
HR 153 at the highest.

27th March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 35:09mins

Another session in the garage with the baby monitor, whilst Stephanie had her morning sleep.
Whilst my average HR was 129, I still sweated and my legs were quite sore from yesterday.
HR - 129.
HR 154 at the highest.

26th March

Run    Distance - 2.1miles/3.36Km     Time - 21:01mins

I ran around Bourton Mead a couple of times. Pleased to have fitted in a 2nd session today.
HR - 160.
HR 170.

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - m     Time - 30:34mins

Gentle start increasing up to the final 3mins and then a cool down.
HR - 131. Pleased with my average.
HR - 158 during the 28th minute.

23rd March

Run.    Distance - 2 miles/3.2Km     Time - 20:04mins

I ran to Farleigh Green and back. I went for it this morning and feel pleased with this session.
HR - 158.
HR 171 at the highest.

22nd March

Swim.    Distance - 700m     Time - 18:00mins

I did a gentle 300m warm up followed by some sprints.
4 x 50m
4 x 25m
Finished with 100m cool down.

21st March

Run    Distance - 2.1miles/3.36Km     Time - 19:50mins

I ran into Backwell, not quite to the bollards, but the wind was really strong. The return journey with the wind behind really helped and I am pleased with the time.
HR - 164.
HR 173 on the hilly sections.

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - m     Time - 25:00mins

I was short on time today so did a BFL 20min power session and then 5 min cool down.
HR - 148
HR - 165 at level 10.

20th March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 30:42mins

I was looking after Stephanie this morning, so when she went to bed for her mid-morning nap, I jumped on the turbo trainer in the garage and did a quick bike session. It's good to be able to control my HR in these sessions, but even though my HR wasn't too high, I still sweated buckets!
HR - 138.
HR 149 at the highest when I up the gear in 26th minute.

19th March

Run    Distance - 2.1miles/3.36Km     Time - 21:18mins

I ran into Backwell, as far as Fairfield Road. I'm hoping that if I stick to 20min sessions I'll get a bit further each time as my fitness level increase and before I know it I'll be doing 5Km in 20mins........
Then again I might not!!
I used some new "thrilling" shower gel that my sister, Jane bought me for my birthday!! It was very nice, thanks Jane!!!
HR - 167.
HR 179 on the hilly sections.

Swim.    Distance - 850m     Time - 17:00mins

I decided to to see what my times were like over 400m, 500m and 750m.
400 - 8:10mins
500 - 10:25mins
750 - 15:10mins
I'm gutted how slow my times are. Mind you, I was very pleased to do the 750m without stopping and I didn't feel too knackered either.

16th March

Run.    Distance - 2miles/3.2Km     Time - 20:50mins

Now I've got a target I ran faster today and I am now sweating buckets. My legs feel heavy but I'm pleased to have got up early.
I ran towards Backwell and got past Church Lane and just past the bollards in the middle of the road.
HR - 163.
HR 178 on the hilly sections!

15th March

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 19:50mins

My first swim in Backwell pool for a long time and .it was boiling. They'd got the temperature wrong overnight and it was like swimming in the Amazon!
I did 200m warm-up and then some 50m sprints but they nearly killed me, so I went back to gentle crawl. I found it really hard and I'm sweating still as I update this. No pain no gain, some say!

14th March

Bike    Distance - 9.93miles/15.88Km     Time - 41:42mins

I cycled down the A370 and then back up through Long Ashton. It was really windy and the roads were wet from morning rain. Going up the little hills of Long Ashton was tough. The wind heading up into Flax Bourton was strong, but I'm really pleased I went out.
That's 2 sessions today, time for some swimming next week I think.
HR - 157.
HR 173 on the hilly sections.

Run.    Distance - 2miles/3.2Km     Time - 21:24mins

Early morning run having given Stephanie her breakfast. I ran into Backwell as far as Church Lane. This is a marker to see how I progress.
HR - 160.
Maximum HR 174 as I ran up A370. 4 less than yesterday.

13th March

Bike.    Distance - 7.95miles/12.72Km     Time - 34:15mins

I felt a bit more confident on the bike today. I did a couple of laps of the Smiley Miley loop and Long Ashton before heading home.
HR - 159.
HR 183 at the highest whilst trying to keep up with another bike!

12th March

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 21:33mins

I decided it was time to jog with no walking. My HR was high but I've got to get used to it.
HR - 160!!
HR 178 at the highest whilst jogging.

8th March

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:43mins

A cold morning today. I fast walked and jogged around the local streets.
HR - 144.
HR 163 at the highest whilst gently jogging.

2nd March

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:44mins

I fast walked and jogged around the local streets.
Ave HR - 125.
HR 143 at the highest whilst gently jogging.

1st March

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 21:43mins

It was a lovely sunny start to the day, but bloomin' freezing!! I fast walked and sometimes jogged around the local streets.
HR - 141 at the highest whilst gently jogging!




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