MY Training Diary - March 2002

28th March

Run.    Distance - 2.5 miles/4Km     Time - 35:33mins

This workout was slightly harder today. I got some bad news 10mins before going for this run and I think this was weighing on my mind.
I did the following:
15mins Warm up.
5mins Staying between 134-144.
15mins Cool down.
My average HR was 138.
It was a lovely sunny day and I am already a little bit red!! Suntan lotion next time.

Swim.    Distance - 1,950m     Time - 45:13mins

I felt even more relaxed today and I'm amazed that I went even further. Nearly 2,000m!!
I had to do 15mins warm-up, 15mins in the 134-144 HR range and then a 15mins cool down.
My average HR was 132.
Really pleased with both swims this week.

27th March

Run.    Distance - 2.5 miles/4Km     Time - 35:17mins

This workout was much better today.
I did the following:
15mins Warm up.
5mins Staying between 134-144.
15mins Cool down.
My average HR was 135.
Maybe this Aerobic training is working. I was able to run non-stop this time whilst still keeping in the zone.

Swim.    Distance - 1,650m     Time - 45:24mins

My longest Swim session ever!!! I'm really pleased with the new software. I now have a routine to stick to and I find it much easier to remain focused and motivated when I have a plan to follow.
I had to do 15mins warm-up, 15mins in the 134-144 HR range and then a 15mins cool down.
I wore my Tri-suit with my HR monitor and I was able to remain in the zone by swimming crawl slightly slower than usual. Really pleased to have done over 1,500m in one session!!

26th March

Bike.    Distance - 12.0 miles/19.2Km     Time - 50:05mins

I warmed up round the Smiley Miley loop and then went down the A370 to Long Ashton and cooled down round the Smiley Miley loop.
I had to keep my HR between 134-144 for 20mins with a 15 min warm-up & cool down.
My average HR was 132.
I was pleased to have kept within the HR range most of the time. It felt like the first day of Spring today. The sun was out and it felt great to be outside training!

24th March

Run.    Distance - ?? miles/Km     Time - 50:17mins

This was my weekly Long Run and I have to say it felt great.
I did the following:
15mins Warm up. Fast Walk.
20mins Staying between 134-144.
15mins Cool down.
My average HR was 133.
After the MAF Test on the running track on Friday, I was able to run gently for the whole of the 20mins and some of the warm down too! Going at this slower pace is better on my legs, and as it's an aerobic workout, I should lose weight too!

23rd March

Bike.    Distance - 22.7 miles/36.32Km     Time - 1hr:40:22mins

My first Bike ride since 16th Feb and it felt great to be on the open roads again! This was my longest bike session ever!
I had to keep my HR between 134-144 for 1hr:10mins with a 15 min warm-up & cool down.
I warmed up round the Smiley Miley loop and then headed towards Cleeve on the A370 and then I did about 20 laps of the houses there. Then I headed home and did 2 more laps around Smiley Miley's before heading home.
My average HR was 138.
I am simply following the software program but this felt very gentle. As we approach Stratford we'll see how I'm feeling.

22nd March

MAF Test.    Distance - 3.1 miles/5Km     Time - 58:30mins

This was a test to see how my Aerobic system performs. Trouble was I couldn't stay below the set HR zone!!! I found a running track in Whitchurch which is only 10mins from home so I'm really pleased.
I had to do a 15 min warm up and cool down and then the 5Km keeping my HR at 144! It was set over 5Km and I had to time each 1Km split.
6.19 mins
6.48 mins
7.16 mins
6.37 mins
6.30 mins
33.32 mins Total time.
I decided after split 3 to go a bit faster, hence the improved times towards the end. I will try to follow the test properly next time.
My average HR was 159 and the maximum was 172!
Running on the track was much easier on my legs and the track was completely empty so it was really nice working out on my own, round this huge track!

21st March

Run.    Distance - 2.1 miles/3.5Km     Time - 35:17mins

This workout was "interesting"! To stick to the guidelines I had to fast walk. As soon as I ran I got too close to the upper HR limit! I was not happy.
I did the following:
15mins Warm up. Fast Walk.
5mins Staying between 134-144. I couldn't run for more than 15secs without my HR getting up to 143-144. So I fast walked.
15mins Cool down.
My average HR was 127.
I don't feel like this is helping me train for the 5Km Run I have to do in less than 2 months, but we'll see. It's meant to be Aerobic, and the HR range seems right so who am I to judge!!

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - 11.71 miles/18.75Km     Time - 50:16mins

This is my first session on the bike following the training software.
I did the following:
15 mins 39x19 Warm-up
20 mins 39x18/17/16 Keeping my HR between 134-144.
15 mins 39x19 Cool down
My average HR was 127.
This was an easier than normal workout, but I'm sticking with it to see what happens.

20th March

Swim.    Distance - ??m     Time - 27:01mins

Today is the 1st day of my new training schedule!!! My mate Tony, bought me Mike Pigg's Triathlon Training Software and it is amazing!! I did the following session:
10mins warm up
10mins harder.
7mins warm down.
I ran out of time as the school kids came back in at 1.30pm. But this was quite hard work.
The software is actually aimed at doing Olympic Distance Triathlons, so I'll go with it and who knows I could be doing an Olympic distance by the end of the season!

19th March

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 28:44mins

I went at lunchtime today and the pool was empty. Fantastic, just me and 1 lifeguard! I did a session from 220 Magazine to help increase my speed.
200m warm up
10 x 50m with 20sces rest between.
This was quite hard work. 20secs is not a long time when you are struggling for breath!!
2 x 50m with 20secs rest. Faster than before.
200m warm down. Not crawl.
I ran out of time as the school kids came back in at 2pm. I'll do it again later this week when I have more time.

15th March

Swim.    Distance - 850m     Time - 17:20mins

Just did a quick 750m swim as the pool was quite busy. And was I pleased?!!!!!
A new Personal Best!! 13:55. I can't believe it. What's strange is that the swim didn't feel that fast. A great way to start the day.

14th March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - 12.35miles/19.76Km     Time - 50:08mins

Having Run first thing, I decided to do a session on my bike too.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
40 mins 39x18/17
5 mins 39x19
My average HR was 138.
I just took it easy, but still sweated!!

Run.    Distance - 3 miles/4.8Km     Time - 35:17mins

It was absolutely freezing this morning. I did a brisk walk for 5 mins warm-up and then ran for 25mins. My legs still felt sore. I just wish I could run comfortably without feeling these little niggles. The Swim's fine and so's the Bike, it's just the blooming Running that gets me! I then walked for 5mins to warm down and did lots of stretching too.
My average HR was 155.

13th March

Swim.    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 23:52mins

An early morning swim session. I decided to just swim non-stop for 20mins. I took it fairly gently and did the following swim times:
400m - 7:15mins
500m - 9:14mins
750m - 14:44mins.
Not the fastest swim times ever, but it felt very comfortable.

9th March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - 14.32miles/22.91Km     Time - 55:15mins

I had planned to go out on the road, but the 70mph+ gales put a stop to that. So I decided to see how quick I could do 20Km on the TT.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
45 mins 39x18/17/16/15
5 mins 39x19
My average HR was 146.
This was really tough and my legs felt quite heavy. I did the 20Km in 44:58mins, which I was a bit disappointed with. But I stayed in the smaller gears and pedalled like mad, so I should be able to go faster. I had hoped to beat my London time, but it was still a great workout!

8th March

Run.    Distance - 3.0miles/4.8Km     Time - 28:39mins

The day just gets better! I ran the old route today, towards Backwell. I turned round at the crossroads and headed home. My shins were slightly sore, but I felt very comfortable. Even my HR wasn't too bad.
My average HR was 163.

Swim.    Distance - 1200m     Time - 21:00mins

There's no logic between how you feel and how you perform. I felt really tired, de-motivated and I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. But I did, I was in the pool at 7.30am and it felt fantastic. This is the best I have felt in the pool for a long time. My shoulders are pretty sore now but I'm pleased, especially as this is my 1st swim for over a week.

7th March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - 11.86miles/18.98Km     Time - 50:15mins

Having not exercised for 4 days, I did 2 sessions today to make me feel better; this one and a run this morning.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
40 mins 39x18/17
5 mins 39x19
My average HR was 136.
I am going on a long bike ride on Saturday and Sunday just to see how the sessions in the garage have helped. Saturday will be about 1hr 30mins and on Sunday I will do a race distance to see what my time is. Can I get anywhere near my time of 41mins at London? It's more hilly around here so we'll see.

Run.    Distance - ??miles/Km     Time - 22:14mins

It is amazing how little time it takes to become unfit again!!! I went for a run this morning and I felt dreadful!! I found it hard to breath and my legs hurt after 10mins!! I stopped to walk for a couple of mins when my HR reached 186!! I'll be out again tomorrow, in fact I might swim 1st and then go for a lunchtime Run.
My average HR was 168!!

2nd March

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - 12.93miles/20.68Km     Time - 55:08mins

I had a good session in the garage today. I just wanted to do a steady fat burning workout, keeping my HR low.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
45 mins 39x18
5 mins 39x19
My average HR was 133.

1st March

Run.    Distance - 1.56miles/2.5Km     Time - 14:00mins

I was really pleased with the run. I had seen the Chiropractor this morning and everything is looking good and I felt much better on the run today.
My average HR over both sessions was 145.

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - 7.3miles/11.68Km     Time - 30:08mins

Today I decided to do a "Brick" session. This was a bike session followed by a run.
I wanted to just to half race distance in both. I felt good on the bike and wanted to see how my right thigh would feel after the run.





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