MY Training Diary - March 2001

27th Mar

I woke up with a headache so won't be training today!! I am in London for 2 days and will take my kit with me just in case I feel up to a run!!

26th Mar

Run.    Distance - 2.2 miles     Time - 25:50mins

I have not trained as much as I would like over the last few days and I felt it today. I only did just over a mile on the 21st and before that, the last Run I did was 11th March!! I took it fairly gently and ran just over 2 miles. The distance I will be doing in Stratford will be less than this!! But I do need to train more often and for longer.

I slightly concussed myself on the kitchen this evening and so I now have a headache from Hell!!

23rd Mar

Bike.    Distance - 8.24Km     Time - 29:23mins

My legs were a little stiff today and it was pouring with rain. It's quite an experience cycling in the wet. I returned home with a mud splattered face and soaking ankles! I didn't really push it too hard.

21st Mar

Bike.    Distance - 7.81Km.     Time - 22.04mins

Run.    Distance - 1.5 miles.     Time - 25:40mins

Today I decided to follow the advice of my wife and to try a few transitions. It was pouring with rain and windy. Well, I'm glad I did, because I now know how much it hurts to get off a bike and begin running!!! Or at least attempt to run! I started with a gentle bike and a short run but it was still bloody hard work. I can now slowly build on this.

19th Mar

Bike.    Distance - 24.30Km!!     Time - 1hr 07:58mins

I cannot remember the last time that I exercised for over an hour non-stop!! I am amazed and stunned and sore and chuffed. My bum hurts and my right knee is very tender too, but I was determined to complete race distance this morning. It was really cold again today, but I got on with the job and I am really pleased. It gives me hope that the 29th April, may not be so bad after all. At this rate, I may make the big time yet!! I think my times will have to improve drastically, but today was about completing the distance and not speed.

18th Mar

Bike.    Distance - 8.24Km.     Time - 29:24mins

I didn't have too long today and I'm glad as it was bleeding freezing!!!! The bike is still my weakest link...Goodbye! I am going to have to work at it.

16th Mar

Swim.    Distance - 1200m.     Time - 26:00mins

I managed 40 lengths without stopping! That's 1000m!! I was really chuffed! That means that I could swim 750m without too much trouble! Whether I'd be able to cycle and then run afterwards is another thing! But I'm really pleased. The 200m swim in April should be fine. I now have to work on my cycling.

15th Mar

Run.    Distance - 0 miles.     Time - 0 mins

I didn't run this morning as my left knee was still sore. It's frustrating but not worth running for the sake of it. I will swim tomorrow and try to do at least 40 lengths non-stop or 60!!!! It's late evening now and my knee seems to be better. No twinges anyway.

13th Mar

Swim.    Distance - 950m.     Time - 21:11 mins

I was feeling really lethargic this morning and the pool was packed! I did 200m in 3:35 so time is still good, but I can't see me doing a 750m swim or a 1500m swim in the near future! Next swim, Friday morning I will see how far I can swim without stopping. I want to aim for 1000m. That's 40 lengths of the 25m pool at Backwell. Maybe I could manage 60!!! I'll let you know on Friday!


12th Mar

Rest day. My left knee is slightly sore so I don't want to aggravate it further.

11th Mar

Run.    Distance - 3.5 miles.     Time - 33:52 mins

I felt really good today. I actually enjoyed the run and it seemed easier. I ran the furthest I've been so far and I actually ran the 3.5 miles in 29.25 but then cooled down for a few more minutes. Really chuffed.

10th Mar

Bike.    Distance - 11.5Km.     Time - 32:47 mins

I was short on time this morning, so I only had half an hour. Today's journey was slightly more hilly, so overall I'm quite pleased with the time.

8th Mar

Swim.    Distance - 1100m.     Time - 27 mins

I swam the 200m in 3:37 so there are small signs of improving fitness.

Bike.    Distance - 12.24Km.     Time - 34.45 mins

A quick bit of lunch break exercise. It was all OK until a bus got a bit near. It was actually miles away but I'm still not used to the balancing bit!! It seemed a bit easier today but maybe I wasn't trying hard enough? Time's better so maybe.

6th Mar

Run.    Distance - 2 miles.     Time - 21 mins

I was in London and took my kit with me.....Dedication! Ran along the Kings Road and sucked in lots of traffic fumes!

4th Mar

Bike.    Distance - 14Km.     Time - 42 mins

Just over half race distance and it was really hard work. I can't even get my drink bottle out without nearly falling off!! Then drinking when I'm out of breath isn't easy either!

2nd Mar

BIKE!!    Distance - 5Km.     Time - 19 mins

What a shock!! It nearly killed me! I can't believe I've got to do 23Km on the 29th April. It's going to be hard work with only 2 months to go. But the bike is good and I've got a little trip computer so I can monitor my progress.

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