Charity Go Kart Race at Daytona International
Saturday 24th November at 6pm
Race Format
10 minute practice/qualifying session
You are then gridded up in qualifying order and you follow a pace car round for a rolling start. All 21 drivers on the track together for a 40 minute race.

Race Summary

What a Fantastic day! I would just like to thank everyone involved for their support. I am still awaiting payment from a few people, but the total raised should be just over 600!! So thank you all very much.

The weather thankfully was dry but very cold. We all went out for practice and Rick Pearson put it on pole with Steve Wood 2nd, me 3rd, Tony Stewart 4th, Russell Lomax 5th, Felicity Wood 6th, Nicky Armour 7th and Paul Lomax 8th.
We followed the pace kart round for the 1st lap and then we were let loose for 40 minutes of mayhem. Rick, Steve and myself were all together for the 1st couple of laps until I spun off at turn 8. It was very slippery and I just out braked myself. I was right with the kart in front and was trying to get a good carry through the turn. Alas, I did a quick 180 and parked waiting for a couple of karts to pass before re-joining the race in 6th. Felicity Wood did well to carve her way through from 6th to 2nd. Nicky was having a ding dong of a battle with Paul Lomax until Nicky retired, feeling nauseous from the excess fumes. Rick had disappeared into the distance and had a fairly non eventful run to the flag.

Russell Lomax did well to come in 3rd but his dad, Paul out braked himself into turn 8, accidentally running into Steve Wood, who was unable to rejoin. The whole circuit then went full course yellow until the kart was removed. Paul managed to keep control and continued on to secure 6th. That meant I gained a place and when the race was back on I jumped Tony Stewart and regained 4th where I remained. Stuart did well to get 9th, well inside the top ten and he and I are now looking for racing sponsorship!!!!!

Debbie stopped after 7 laps, Katreena managed 15 laps and Nicky stopped 8 laps from the end and Richard Kyd stopped with 6 laps left. Victoria Lomax did brilliantly to finish the race in 13th.

What surprised everyone most, was Angus' new "lap record"!! The old lap record was 1:06.760 and Angus' alledged lap time was 1:02.738!!!!!!!  The guys at Daytona were stunned, but soon realised the time was due to a superb spin by Angus which helped him miss part of the lap out!  Nice try mate!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported this race, not only those that did race, but those that were unable to make it, but still contributed. Without your help the evening would not have been such a great success. I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Daytona International for all their support and for organising such wonderful trophies for the 3 podium places and also for the extra special Gold Cup that I got presented with, for organising the event. It will be treasured in memory of my father, John Armour. Thanks guys!!!!

The total raised from the event was 670!!

The following is the result from the race:
  1. Rick Pearson
  2. Felicity Wood
  3. Russell Lomax
  4. Richard Armour
  5. Tony Stewart
  6. Paul Lomax
  7. Philip Oury
  8. Graham Birch
  9. Stuart Hodge
  10. Angus McQueen
  11. Donnie MacNichol
  12. Brett Collins
  13. Victoria Lomax
  14. Richard Kyd
  15. Nicky Armour
  16. Steve Wood
  17. Katreena Hodge
  18. Deborah Lomax


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