My Training Diary - June 2001

30th June

Run.    Distance - 3.6 miles/5.76Km     Time - 49:40mins

It was really windy today and I forced myself out of the house for a 45 minute run. I didn't go particularly quickly and I was tired from far too much driving. But I'm pleased I ran for over 45 minutes. I did a 5 minute walk at the start and end.

27th June

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 30:27mins

It's been a good week training wise. I am in London for the next couple of days so I won't be training again until Saturday morning. I've neglected my swimming a bit recently, as I've been concentrating more on my weaker running and the bike. Today, I did some interval training that I found in 220 Magazine. I did a 200m warm-up and then lots of sprints at 25m, 50m and 75m with 20-30secs rest between each set. Then I finished with a 200m warm down. Hard work!

26th June

Bike.    Distance - 14.5 miles/23.2Km     Time - 55:31mins

Once again I stuck to the Smiley Miley loop and decided to do a few fast loops with some recovery loops. This was a hard workout and my legs were really burning. I have only put the distance in for the record. This workout was more about doing the time and doing the faster sections.

25th June

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles/5Km     Time - 34:41mins

I decided to run race distance again, but this time I began with a 5 minute fast walk warm-up and end with a 5 minute fast walk warm-down. During the actual run I went faster than I would in the race and I'm happy with the total time. I guess the time would have been about 27-28mins if I'd run the whole way.

24th June

Bike.    Distance - 8.52 miles/13.63Km     Time - 30:44mins

Run.    Distance - 1.5 miles/2.5Km     Time - 13:04mins

I decided to do a Bike-Run transition and to try to go faster than I would in the race. It was a really hot day and I found the bike hard work, but the run didn't feel too bad. I ran half race distance and was quite pleased with the time. My 5Km time in Windsor was 34mins! I really want to try to improve that to under 30mins.

22nd June

Bike.    Distance - 12.5 miles/20Km     Time - 46:22mins

It felt good to be back on the bike. My heart rate was once again lower than normal, so perhaps this is now normal!!! I set out to just ride for about 40 minutes and I was unaware of the distance until I got home. It was the same distance as I will be racing in both Crystal Palace & London. I expect to go faster in the races as I was just enjoying the beautiful, early morning sunshine and I didn't really go for it. I'm still relaxing this week after the race last weekend.

21st June

Run.    Distance - 5 miles/8Km     Time - 55:37mins

I'm amazed and stunned. I have just run 5 miles and my heart rate didn't top out once!!!(ie.Over 180) I did take it slowly, but I was a little surprised to see that my resting heart rate was 60! It's normally around 75! I haven't checked it that closely for a while, but perhaps this means I am making progress!! My mate, Tony who's a Personal Fitness Trainer has explained what I need to do to improve my run times and over the coming weeks I will put this into practice. I wanted to run a long way for a long time today and I did!! Very pleased.

19th June

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 22:19mins

I felt it was time to begin my training again. One day's rest is enough. The Elite Triathletes that raced at Windsor were heading straight off for the European Championships the following weekend. So I think, if they can do it, so can I!! Well not the European Championships, but my training routine.
I just swam in my trunks today and took it very gently. My legs and lower back were both quite sore so I just wanted to stretch them gently in the pool. It felt like heaven compared to the cold, murky Thames!!

17th June

THE RACE!    My Start Time - 6:03am!!

What a Fantastic day!! I would just like to thank my wife & sister, who came along to give me such brilliant and much needed support, especially up to the finishing line!! And even more so, as the start time was so early! For all the race info and times please go to the Results page.

15th June

Swim.    Distance - 800m     Time - 27:28mins

I wanted to have one last session in my wetsuit before the race on Sunday. I had some Vaseline this time, which I applied to my neck and ankles. Putting it on my ankles helps with getting the blasted thing off!!!! It is still really tight across the chest and round my neck and so breathing is still slightly harder than normal, but it felt great in the water. I did 100m then some 50m sprints and then 200m and 100m and then more 50m sprints. I think I'll be doing a bit of breaststroke on Sunday to get my breath back!!
The swim will hopefully take about 20mins so I should be fine. I felt comfortable in the water, but swimming in a pool is completely different to The Thames, so I'm still apprehensive!!

12th June

Bike.    Distance - 12.78 miles/20.5Km     Time - 57:06mins

I was going for supper at Nicky's dad's in Shipham and for some strange reason, I decided to cycle!! I packed a little knapsack with a change of clothes and set off. From my house to Shipham it's mainly uphill!! It was really hard work and my legs were aching on some of the steeper bits. I scared myself on a nice downhill section, I topped the speedo at 37mph which on a racing bike with narrow wheels, is very scary!!! The worst bit was near the end going from Churchill traffic lights, it's all uphill!!!
Windsor on Sunday should be a breeze in comparison!!

11th June

Commando Training!         Time - 1hr:02mins

Nicky & I went circuit training on the Downs in Bristol, commando style! Had no idea what to expect, but it was brilliant. We started off with a run to warm up & then we did some stretches before running again down to the Seawalls. Alan Muckle, our trainer, then set-up a circuit which we were to do all the harder sessions in. We had to run to each area and we began by doing 6 sets of 15secs of press-ups, then sit-ups with legs in the air, then squats, then crunchies then tricep dips and then 2 sets of sprints!! Absolutely knackering and then we ran back to the Water Tower where we began!! Just over an hour of non-stop exercise. Great fun and we will be doing this every Monday night, 7pm 'til 8pm.

9th June

It's all gone horribly wrong!!! I have the cold from hell. This week has been a complete write-off as far as training is concerned. I had to go to London on Monday afternoon and I have been at The Internet World Exhibition for 3 days on my company's stand. It was hard work and knackering and I knew I had a cold coming. I think the adrenalin of the show kept the cold at bay until Thursday night, when it hit big time. I am hoping to be better by next week so I can do a bit of last minute training.
I got a cold last time just before my 1st Triathlon! Perhaps it's to clean out the system ready for the big event, or maybe I've just been training too hard?

3rd June

Bike.    Distance - 18.1 miles/29Km     Time - 57:06mins

Nicky & I were in Hampton visiting and as Windsor is only 5 miles away I popped my bike in the back of the car, so I could ride the course before the race in 2 weeks. The Leisure Centre was packed so I decided to start from the BP petrol station on the A308 & finish there. I got changed in the car and got my bike out and headed off on the course. Nicky & I had driven round it first and Nicky was my support team as I rode round!
It's a fairly flat course with a couple of small climbs, so it was quite comfortable. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed it. My aim was to get as close to 1 hr 07 mins as poss. That is the estimated time I'd worked out according to my training times. How wrong could I be?!! Nicky overtook me and waved and she pulled into 2 or 3 laybys to wait and give me encouragement, which was much needed at times and was brilliant to have. It could have been really lonely otherwise.
It is a lovely scenic route and I knew at the halfway point that my time was quite good but I was amazed when I finally returned to the BP station!!! I am really pleased with my time. If I can do a good swim time I have a chance of coming 120ish overall which I will happily settle for! A great day!!

2nd June

Run.    Distance - 4.25miles     Time - 41:54mins

I decided to do a gentle race distance and I am really pleased. I did 3.1 miles in 27:52mins. The sun was out and quite hot and it was one of the nicest runs I've done. I felt fairly comfortable and at the end I did 10 sprints from the lane to the 40mph sign. My shins hurt very slightly, but they are fine now. I'm just about to soak in a hot bath of Badedas!!! The rewards of training!

1st June

Bike.    Distance - 12.08 miles/19.33Km     Time - 45:15mins

My goal was to do 45 minutes. It was very windy today and I felt a little unstable as I set off. I had my "magic" carb drink which was very kindly donated by Dave Bater Cycles in Bristol. Once I got under way, (having practiced a couple of shoe releasing sessions!) I felt very good and comfortable. The wind was head on as I went down hill so it could have been worse, but it still slowed me down. I did go for it on the uphill sections and I'm fairly pleased overall. I think the bike section at Windsor will be fine, just so long as I manage to survive the swim in the Thames!!!



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