My Training Diary - July 2004

27th July

This is my last hard session before Saturday's race so I did the same training session from 12th April 2001...... 7Km Bike & a 1 mile Run....5 mins rest....then another 7Km Bike & a 1 mile Run. It doesn't sound like much. It is!!

Bike.    Distance - 7.84Km     Time - 19:50mins

Run.    Distance - 1mile     Time - 08:39mins

5 minutes rest.....

Bike.    Distance - 7.84Km     Time - 18:52mins

Run.    Distance - 1mile     Time - 08:44mins

Total Time    57:25mins

I did this at a slightly faster pace than my normal training.
I was really happy with this workout, especially as my Running is faster than 3 years ago! My 1st Bike leg was slower due to road works. I loved this session. And the transition from bike to run wasn't too bad at all.

26th July

Swim.    Distance - 750m     Time - 20.00mins

I an old training session from 2001. 200m-100m-50m with 30secs rest between each set.
200m - 3:45mins
100m - 1:50mins
50m - 52secs
200m - 3:52mins
100m - 1:53mins
50m - 45secs
I then did a gentle 50m to warm down.

25th July

Run.    Distance - 2.0miles/3.2Km     Time - 18.25mins

I did the same 2 mile run as the 20th. This time I did it whilst my daughter was having her milk and so was desperate to get back home before she went to bed. Hence the 2nd mile being slightly faster!!!
The 1st mile was 9:30! The 2nd mile was 8:55!
I felt tired during the 1st mile but the 2nd mile was great, but hard work. I'm still sweating now after a shower and 2 huge glasses of water!!!

24th July

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 31.40mins

I did a fartlek session going up and down between 4th, 5th & 6th gear.
1 week until Race Day!!!!!!!

20th July

Run.    Distance - 2.0miles/3.2Km     Time - 18.31mins

I did a 2 mile run trying to go faster than race pace.
The 1st mile was 9:18! The 2nd mile was 9:13.
Quite pleased with this as last night involved me drinking lots of white wine with my wife and her friend who came round for dinner!!

19th July

Swim.    Distance - 750m     Time - 14.34mins!

I so pleased! I did race distance and just kept my head down and breathing as regular as possible and I swam my best time this year!

18th July

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 31.16mins

I did 5 min warm-up and then switched up to 4th and did 5mins and then up to 5th for 5 mins and then up to 6th for 5mins.
I then did 5mins in 5th and then 2 mins in 6th and then did a cool down.

12th July

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 22.12mins

I found the swim hard today. I did 200m warm-up and then lots of 50m sprints.

11th July

Run.    Distance - 2.8miles/4.48Km     Time - 26.46mins

I am really pleased! I ran out of Flax Bourton towards Bristol and then turned left and left towards Nailsea and once round the Smiley Miley loop and back home.
The 1st mile was 9:15! The 2nd mile was 9:18. Only 20secs slower than my time on 17th May!
No idea what my HR was as I wore my new Timex Triathlon watch and not my Polar.

10th July

Swim.    Distance - ??m     Time - 40.00mins

Rob Dash & I drove up to The London Regatta Centre in London Docklands to do an open water swim. The London Triathlon organised the event so that competitors could get some experience and training of open water conditions.
It felt great to be back in my Orca wetsuit but the water was bloomin' freezing and a real shock to the system. We did some practice starts and practiced sighting buoys so we wouldn't go to astray on race day.
It was really worthwhile and very well organised.

6th July

Run.    Distance - 2.8miles/4.48Km     Time - 28:00mins

The final countdown to London has begun. My race pack arrived in the post this morning so I felt that I ought to get back into action!
I did the Smiley Miley loop run and began to regret it into the 1st mile! This is the 1st race distance run I've done for over a month and I really noticed it!
The 1st mile was 09:54. The 2nd mile was 9:53. So quite consistent
HR - 178.
HR - 192 at the highest! Compared with 17th May my time was OK but my HR shows how my fitness has dropped.




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