MY Training Diary - July 2002

25th July

Bike.    Distance - 10.82miles/17.31Km     Time - 41:16mins

My 1st session outdoors since Windsor!! I really must train a bit harder! I did 5 laps around the Smiley Miley loop and I felt great to be back outside and in the saddle. I wanted to go for over 40mins so I was pleased.

24th July

Run.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 20:25mins

I went running on the treadmill again today.

23rd July

Swim.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 21:06mins

I didn't feel as good this morning. I did 750m without stopping this time and my time was 15:26 so just over a minute off my best. I will be going training in my wet-suit next week to get used to the feel of it again.

20th July

Bike.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 20:16mins

Just a quick 20mions session on my Turbo Trainer to get back into it. The thought of doing the London Triathlon right now is not a nice one. But it's for a great cause and I could raise 1,000 for Cancer Research UK.

19th July

Run.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 21:06mins

I went running on the treadmill today. It felt very comfortable but the last 2 mins were tough.

16th July

Swim.    Distance - 850m     Time - 16:19mins

It felt great to be back in the pool. My training has begun in earnest for the London Triathlon in August. I did 750m in 14:36mins which I was really pleased with, but I did take 2 breaks to get my breath back!!





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