MY Training Diary - July 2001

27th July

Bike.    Distance - 19.80miles/31.7Km     Time - 1hr:09mins

It a good friend's wedding this weekend and Nicky is competing in a National Championship at Hickstead on Sunday, so I won't get to train for the next 2 days so I added a bike session today.
I headed for Weston on the A370 again and turned round just before the M5 junction. I'm really pleased, but it was very hot today which made it hard work. I tried to go a bit quicker than my last bike and I felt it going up the hill out of Congresbury on the way home. My legs and lungs were hurting!! But I'm pleased to have done the extra session today. Longest bike session since I began training.

27th July

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 27:83mins

I did a training session that was in this month's 220 Magazine, Issue 133. It was as follows:
4 x 50m 15secs rest between each repetition
2 x 100m 15secs rest
1 x 200m 15secs rest
2 x 100m 15secs rest
4 x 50m 15secs rest
I lost count towards the end and did an extra set of 50m and then a couple of gentle lengths to cool down.

26th July

Run.    Distance - 3.2 miles/5.2Km     Time - 43:38mins

I read that I need to mix up my running training a bit. I found a local school that has a grass running track where I can do some shorter speed sessions. I would like to thank Backwell School for agreeing to allow me to use their track. Thank you!!
Again, I followed a session in 220 Magazine. I did sessions of 400m and a couple of 200m near the end to see what time I could do. I was amazed at how slow I am now. I used to be able to do 200m in 26secs. I did it in 43secs today!!! The 400m laps were really tough and I had to take just over 1 mins rest, just to get my heart rate down from 186 to 140ish. I did enjoy the session, but I was knackered at the end.

24th July

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 27:53mins

I did a training session that was in 220 Magazine. It was as follows:
200m 30secs rest.
100m 30secs rest
50m 30secs rest.
I did 3 sets of the above and found it quite hard work, as I was going at a faster pace than normal.

23rd July

Bike.    Distance - 17.5miles/28Km     Time - 1hr:02mins

I was really tense about work, had one of those days and so decided to take it out the bike. I went for distance not speed and headed towards Weston. I took it fairly gently on the outward trip. I went as far as "The Full Quart" pub in Hewish and turned round in their car park. I went slightly quicker on the way back, except for the hill going out of Congresbury towards Cleeve!! It's a bit steep and my legs felt it!!
Much more relaxed and I felt I could have gone on but I'd told Nicky if I didn't call her then she was to send out a search party!!

21st July

Run.    Distance - 5.375 miles/8.6Km     Time - 58:38mins

I went for a long, gentle run today. It was trying to rain the whole way and I was desperate for the rain as I was so hot!! My heart rate got as high as 183 but I was more concerned about my feet. They both went quite numb after about 38mins and as soon as I stopped running I could feel them again. It's as if blood is not circulating down to them??? If there is a circulation expert reading this or a doctor, please send me an email with guidance. Thank you!!

20th July

Bike.    Distance - 15.2miles/24.32Km     Time - 57:12mins

Having done a swim this morning, I set out to do an hour on my bike. I decided to head for Weston today and it is just a bit more hilly than my normal bike route. My step-father bought me a book by Lance Armstrong called "It's not about the bike" as a gift after seeing me at Crystal Palace! Thanks Al. The book is amazing and so inspiring. Lance Armstrong has testicular cancer and was given a 40% chance of survival. The cancer spread into his lungs and brain, and yet not only did he survive and win his battle against cancer, he also went on to win the Tour de France!!! UNBELIEVABLE!
So I got on my bike and I raced my way to Cadbury Garden Centre and back and finished off with 1 Smiley Miley loop. I fought up one hill on the way back and it made me realise how hard it would be to race up the Alps!!! Maybe next week!!!!

20th July

Swim.    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 29:33mins

I did a training session that an Aussie couple gave me a few months ago. It was quite hard work but really fun to follow. I prefer working to a target, rather than just doing length after length. It was as follows: 200m warm-up of 25m left arm only; 25m right arm only; 25m arms only; 25m normal crawl. Repeat. 8 x 100m with 30secs rest. 200m warm down: 100m crawl & backstroke. 100m gentle crawl

I had a look at an internet article on Jodie Swallow (one of our young Triathlon champions) and was staggered at her training schedule. So I have decided to try to fit in even more training.


15th July

THE RACE!    My Start Time - 1pm!!

What a Brilliant day!! I would like to thank all those that came along to support me today. My Mum, Alastair, Rick, Tony, Karen and Jo. The support really keeps me going out there and for that I thank you. It was a nice setting with the finish inside the famous stadium. For all the race info and times please go to the Results page.

14th July

Bike.    Distance - 8.57miles/19.76Km     Time - 46:52mins

My next Triathlon is tomorrow, so I just wanted to do a gentle bike as I haven't ridden since the 2nd July. It's really hard to find the time to train as much as I want. This month has proved to be busier than I'd anticipated so I've squeezed sessions in where I can.
This was just a half race distance ride to bed my legs in and check the bike before tomorrow. I could have been going to the British GP but instead I'm at Crystal Palace!!! WHY?? For the memory of my Dad and to try to get towards my target of 10,000.

11th July

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles/5Km     Time - 27:38mins

As I am going to be in London for 2 days, I decided to do an early morning run at 6am!! It felt good and I pushed it quite hard on the return leg. I would love to be able to break the 30 mins barrier in the race on Sunday........we shall have to see!!

10th July

Swimming Lesson!    Distance - m     Time - mins

I wanted to try to improve my technique and increase speed, but the lesson proved slightly disappointing. I didn't learn a lot, except my technique is good, I have a 4 beat leg-kick and I breathe too often!!! I will just continue as I have been until next year, when I can decide if I want to take my racing more seriously!

5th July

Swim.    Distance - 1200m     Time - 20:57mins

I followed a training routine from 220 magazine.
300m - 30secs rest
6 x 50m - 10secs rest between each
200m - 20secs rest
4 x 50m - 10secs rest between each
100m - 10secs rest
2 x 50m - 10secs rest between each
This was really hard work!! The lack of rest between each was really hard, but showed me that I can continue swimming when I didn't think I could. I find it easier & more enjoyable to follow a set routine like this one, than trying to make something up myself.

4th July

Swim.    Distance - 950m     Time - 20:57mins

I wanted to attempt race distance without stopping to see how it felt and what my time was. I did 750m in 15:07mins which was good, but I was knackered at the end of it.
I then did some warm down routines, leg-kicks, arms-no legs, and some breaststroke.
I then booked a 1 to 1 swimming lesson for next week to try to improve my technique and speed. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

3rd July

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 35:38mins

It was really hot this evening when I set off on my run. I'm quite lethargic at the moment and I didn't feel like going running. However, I did get off my butt and went for it. I've no idea how far, as I did a few sprints and tried to run faster than I would in the race.
I was pleased that my heart rate didn't go higher than 178. I must be getting fitter, I now need to sort out my commitment and try to motivate myself to get out there and just do it.

2nd July

Bike.    Distance - 12.35miles/19.76Km     Time - 46:52mins

I really didn't want to do this tonight. I am still knackered from all the driving I've done recently and I couldn't sleep last night. But ride my bike I did. I set out towards Weston at 8:45pm and I can give you a top tip....Don't go cycling in the evening on hot days. There were Greenfly everywhere, coming at me from all angles!! I was covered in the blasted things by the time I got home and I have no idea how many I swallowed on the way!!!
My legs were tired today and I struggled. Maybe this was just one of those days? I nearly stopped after 25mins but I'm pleased that I kept going.









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