MY Training Diary - January 2005

28th January

    Distance - miles/Km     Time - mins

My training has been put on hold due to a viral throat infection.
I will hopefully be back in training next week.

11th January

Run    Distance - 2.5miles/4Km     Time - 42:21mins

I managed a 10 min run today and did a fast walk during warm up and cool down.
I did a 15 mins warm-up.
10 mins run.
15 mins cool down.

7th January

Swim    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 30:05mins

My 1st swim session for quite a few months and boy did I know it!!! My arms were very sore during the last 10 mins but I'm pleased to be back training.
I did a 15 mins warm-up with a mix of strokes trying to go faitly gently.
15 mins with mainly crawl.

6th January

Run    Distance - 2.5miles/4Km     Time - 40:35mins

I have to try and keep my HR below 131 during these early sessions and I know from when I was fitter, when I run my HR zooms up past 150. So I just walked and fast wlaked today.
I did a 15 mins warm-up.
10 mins fast walking.
15 mins cool down.
It's amazing how you can sweat by just walking!!!!!

5th Jan

Bike.    Distance - 10.5miles/16.8Km     Time - 45.01mins

I did a 45 min session on my turbo trainer in the garage.
15 mins warm up
Then 15 mins gentle
15 mins cool down. My legs are slightly sore but I'm happy to have done 45 mins.

4th January

Run    Distance - 2.5miles/4Km     Time - 34:33mins

My first training session of the new season on my route to The London Triathlon in August. I have decided to go for the Olympic distance this year and that this will be my final year of triathlon.
The battery on my Polar watch has run out so I am without it for now. I am working to Mike Pigg's training plan and it revolves around a HR monitor. So I am a bit stuffed until I get the watch back.
I was meant to be doing a test so I have postponed that and instead I did a run mixed with a walk
Feels good to be back in training.



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