MY Training Diary - January 2002

29th January

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 33:51mins

This morning the pool was nice and empty. I warmed up with a slow 200m. I then did 10mins and decided not to just plod along. So I did some speed work. I did:
200m; 30secs rest
100m; 20secs rest
50m; 20secs rest
6 x 25m; 10secs rest
2 x 50m; 20secs rest
I then finished off with 100m and then a gentle warm down. This session was hard and I was really sweating on the way home in the car.

28th January

Swim.    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 28:43mins

I felt knackered this morning and found this session really tough. I think the bike and run over the weekend must have taken it out of me. Oh to be fit!! I swam for 16mins without stopping and then had a minutes rest. I then did 6 x 50m sprints. Each one took 45secs, with 30secs rest. I was really shattered by the end and so I finished with a 100m warm down.
Disappointed that the swim felt so hard, but I must listen to my body. I read that in 220 Mag!! I'll be in again tomorrow morning.

27th January

Run.    Distance - 3.5 miles/5.6Km     Time - 42:22mins

First Run since Dec 4th!! Not good.
I walked until my heart rate was at 125 and then I ran for 10 mins. I then walked again to get my heart rate down. It was raining and very refreshing. I like running in the rain, much safer than on the bike. I went as far as Backwell Football Club and then ran all the way back. I felt OK, breathing was tough at times and I could really tell it had been a while since my last run. My heart rate got as high as 194!! A bit too high.
This is it now. No more excuses. I am back on track and I am now focused on my first race which should be Stratford in May. If training goes well, I may do one in early April.

26th January

Bike.    Distance - 15.6miles/24.96Km     Time - 1hr:01mins

First bike session since the 6th. This is the start of my pre-season training. I must get serious from here on in.
I started on a lap around Long Ashton. The roads were very wet and as I got to the end of the A370 it began to rain. In just under a year of training I have only cycled in the rain once! So this was great experience. I found it hard going back up through Long Ashton. At the top I turn right and went past Smiley Miley's. On the way there I was stopped by a Fireman who was directing traffic. A car had skidded off the road and had ended up on it's roof!! It was wet and windy and I was having trouble keeping my bike upright too! I was going to head home but decided not to wimp out, so I did another lap of Long Ashton.
Really pleased with this session. Not that quick but I kept my heart rate down and an hour is good to get my fitness levels up.

22nd January

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 24:43mins

Back in the heavily chlorinated pool at Backwell! Not a lot of sunshine here this morning!! I wanted to see what my time over 750m would be after last week's swim training and I was amazed. 14:15mins! A new PB! So hard, consistent training does work!! I then carried on for another 10mins. My left arm is slightly tight, but otherwise a great session!

18th January

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 24:11mins

Last day of the holiday and so I decided to go for a little longer. I feel great to have used the pool to my advantage this holiday. It would have been so easy to have just sat and sunbathed.

17th January

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 21:33mins

Longest swim so far.

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 15:14mins

I didn't want to over do it today. It was really hot and my arms are quite sore so no point over doing things.

16th January

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 20:53mins

We have been really lucky with the weather. Hot and sunny today and so the pool was busier, but I kept my head down and most people got out the way!

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 21:21mins

Really pleased with today.

15th January

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 20:30mins

I decided that I wanted to swim for at least 20mins in the morning and 20mins in the afternoon. This would mean that my 1st Sprint race should be OK and if I want to up my swim to 1,500 this will be a great base.

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 20:10mins

My arms are aching but both swims felt good.

14th January

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 16:12mins

We spent the day yesterday at a place called Loro Parque which was great but I didn't swim.

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 10:34mins

This was just a short swim squeezed in before lunch at the pool bar.

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 19:08mins

The only day I managed 3 sessions! My arms are slightly sore now!

12th January

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 22:39mins

Nicky and I fly to Tenerife for a weeks holiday. Our hotel had a great pool and so I did some serious Swimming training. I have no idea how far I swam, so I have just noted the times, based on my 1st race of this season being a 750m swim that should take approx 15mins. Today I swam for 16mins and then did some 2 length sprints.

6th January

Bike.    Distance - 19.79miles/31.5Km     Time - 1hr:17mins

I wanted to do a long bike session today, but without taking my heart rate too high. I went down the A370 towards Bristol and then back up through Long Ashton. This took my about 27 mins and I decided to go for 3 laps. It a good route with a bit of everything and some of the hills in Long Ashton are steep but short so it's short bursts of exertion. Really pleased to have done this and as I didn't push too hard, my legs feel OK.

2nd January

Swim.    Distance - 600m     Time - 15:34mins

What a mistake going swimming at 5pm!! The kid are still on holiday and were in the pool mostly!! I managed to get a few decents lengths in but the pool was very crowded and I know never to go again after work!









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