MY Training Diary - February 2004

29th February

Bike    Distance - 7.1 miles/11.41Km     Time - 33:14mins

My first bike session on the road for a long while!! Very scary as I headed up Post Office Lane. I practised stopping a couple of times just to make sure I didn't collapse in a heap and could actually pull my shoe out of the cleat.
I did a couple of laps around the Smiley Miley loop and down along the Long Ashton Road. As you can see from the times I wasn't going too quick, but I am still trying to work out aerobically by keeping my HR down.
My average HR was 155. Too high.

Run.    Distance - ??m     Time - 21:34mins

Nothing like a Sunday morning run. I was really pleased as I was able to run a few times today without my HR rocketing. Most of the time was spent fast walking, but at least a small glimmer of progress.
HR - Maximum 140.

28th February

Bike.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 30:17mins

Did a 30mins session and tried to keep my HR to 127. It was still fairly hard as I'm still not at all fit.
Max HR - 138 in 5th gear.

27th February

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:56mins

It had snowed overnight and I couldn't resist a brisk walk in the winter wonderland! The sun was just out and with clear blue skies, it was the perfect way to start the day. I decided to do 20mins today as I feel 15mins really isn't enough.
HR - 130 at the highest and still just fast walking!

25th February

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 15:12mins

I have decided to follow a proper training program using my Polar HR monitor which I found on the Real Runner website. Only problem is I have to keep my HR to approx 70% of my maximum! That equates to training at a HR of 127. To achieve this I can only fast walk! But I will keep this up. For the next few weeks I am concentrating mainly on my running, as its my weakest link.
This is a 4 week program to get me to 30min 5Km times. Then I will progress to the next program which will get me down to 28min times.
HR - 131 at the highest and that was only fast walking!

23rd February

Bike.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:14mins

Did a 20min fartlek session on the turbo trainer which was really hard work. My thighs were pounding at the end.

20th February

Run.    Distance - 2miles/3.2Km     Time - 21:14mins

This was really hard. I ran towards Backwell on the A370. My 1st Run session for a long time and did I feel it!!
HR - 180 at the highest!!

16th February

Bike.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:09mins

I am now back in training for The London Triathlon in August. Cancer Research UK have contacted me and asked to do 2 features on me; one for their website and the other in the British Runner magazine for the March edition!!!
This has spurred me on to begin my training again. I just did a gentle 20mins on my Turbo Trainer in the garage just to get back into the swing of things.
I was pleased to be back in training, it's always the first session that is the hardest.

10th February

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 15:09mins

I did a longer session today. I swam round the pool 6 times and then did some sprint work. I found an area that was approx 25m in length and did laps of that.
This was my last session before heading home.

9th February

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 12:09mins

Another session in the pool. Luckily the pool is blooming freezing so it doesn't get busy at all. Just me in it for most of today's session.

Swim.    Distance -m     Time - 10:32mins

Did a quick 10mins before a snack in the pool bar.

8th February

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 10:09mins

I was on holiday in Tenerife and so put the pool to good use! I have no idea how far I swam but as this was my first pool session in a long while, it was hard work.
More tomorrow, I'm off to sunbathe now!!










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