MY Training Diary - February 2002

28th February

Run.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 23:31mins

My right thigh was a bit tender but I'm really pleased that I was able to complete this run. It was raining slightly which was quite refreshing! My left shin was a bit sore but that's no surprise. It's my body creaking back into action!! 
My average HR was 165 so better again.

Swim.    Distance - 800m     Time - 15:00mins

The pool was heaving this morning. Not happy!
I hadn't planned a workout so I just did lots of 100m sets, faster than race speed. I did:
7 x 100m
20secs rest
1 x 50m
This equalled race distance and my time for this, not including the rest periods was 12:59mins!! So that's my best possible time assuming that I could keep up that pace for the full distance. I was really pleased. It gives me something to aim at. I finished with a gentle 50m of crawl and then left the packed pool.

26th February

Run.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 21:44mins

I felt more comfortable today, except my right thigh was twinging slightly. I ran to the pub and back again taking a side road too to make sure I did over 20mins. I'm pleased to have done a swim today as well. My right thigh is still quite sore so tomorrow may be a day of rest.
My average HR was 167 so it's improving.

Swim.    Distance - 800m     Time - 19:37mins

The aim this morning was to see what my times over 400m and 500m were.
400m - 07:14mins
500m - 09:10mins
I'm fairly pleased with these times. I then did a couple of 50m sprints and some warm down lengths of just arms and just legs. I don't feel as comfortable in the water as I did in Tenerife, but it was early and I was tired. This is my week for running so any swim sessions are a bonus anyway.

25th February

Run.    Distance - ?miles/Km     Time - 20:52mins

First Run since Jan 27th!! Not good. My average HR was 174!!! Way too high.
I got my new Saucony Grid Omni running shoes at the weekend and went for a run in the early evening rain. They were really comfortable and my feet felt great. My legs felt very heavy from all the recent cycling. I feel very pleased to have done this run session. I wanted to do 20 mins non-stop and I did. My HR was too high but that will improve.
This is my week of running and I'll see how I am at the Chiropractor on Friday!!!

24th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 12.15 miles/19.44Km     Time - 50:09mins

I did an early morning session with only a cup of black coffee before starting. I found it tough today, as my legs were still feeling yesterday's session.
I did the following:
10 mins 39x19
30 mins 39x18/17
10 mins 39x19
My average HR was 138.
I collected my new trainers yesterday, Saucony Grid Omni. Next week will be a week of running.

23rd February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 14.54 miles/23.26Km     Time - 1hr:01:20mins

This was a Power session that I took from the Turbo Trainer manual. I found a new cycling term and tried it this morning too. A "Bonk"! No! Not what you imagine! It's a session on an empty stomach with just a couple of cups of strong black coffee. Apparently training like this helps teach the body to burn fat. We'll see.
I did the following:
10 mins 39x19
10 mins 52x14
10 mins 39x19
10 mins 52x14
20 mins 39x19
My average HR was 135. Amazed this wasn't higher. Perhaps I'm getting fit!!
This was a killer on my upper thighs! The 2 sessions in 52x14 were really hard work.

21st February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 15.09 miles/24.14Km     Time - 1hr:00:12mins

This was a slightly tougher session today. I sweated loads and I could almost feel the fat burning!!
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
50 mins 39x18/17/16
5 mins 39x19
My average HR was 138.

19th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 11.00 miles/17.6Km     Time - 50:07mins

Had a good session today and I'm pleased to have swum first thing too.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
40 mins 39x18
5 mins 39x19
My average HR was 133.

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 20:32mins

I just did a simple session today. Swim 40 lengths without stopping! I was pleased with my 750m time of 14:27mins as I've only done 3 pool sessions this month. It felt OK today, but the pool was packed as usual.

17th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 13.23 miles/21.17Km     Time - 55:07mins

My legs felt slightly heavy, but I went for it anyway.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
45 mins 39x18/17
5 mins 39x19
I was dripping in sweat again today. My average HR was 137.

16th February

Bike.    Distance - 17.91 miles/28.65Km     Time - 1hr:09:20mins

It was very cold this morning, but I decided to go towards Weston on the A370 anyway.  I took 2 bottles with me and it was just as well. At Chelvey Batch I missed the holder and 1 bottle fell onto the road, so I had to turn round at the Fountain Forestry crossroads.  The bottle still had a bit of PSP22(carbohydrate drink) left in it and no one had run over it either, so I was lucky. The hill out of Cleeve was a bit tough and I think my legs were still feeling the Belmont Hill climb.  I got as far as West Hewish before turning round. The hill going back into Cleeve felt really tough today and I struggled. The rest was plain sailing back to Flax Bourton.
I was pleased to get this long ride in today, before heading off to watch Bristol City play Oldham. My average HR was 165. 

Bristol City won 3-0 so that's another fiver for Cancer Research UK!!


14th February

Bike.    Distance - 8.17 miles/13.07Km     Time - 38:21mins

Having done nearly a week of sessions on my new Turbo Trainer, plus the fact that it was a nice day, I took a late lunch and went for a Bike ride. This was my 1st proper outdoor session on my new tyres and the bike felt fantastic. I began a loop of Smiley Miley's and then for some strange reason I decided to attempt Belmont Hill! This is a fairly major hill behind our house that leads up towards Failand. I have only ever seen one cyclist on this hill and he looked the part. The hill is steep at the beginning, then it goes down only very slightly, and I made the most of this brief respite. I was rising out of the saddle for a bit of the 1st section. The next bit steeped gradually and as I looked up, I didn't think I'd make it. But as I pedalled I began to realise that it wasn't too bad. My HR was high, 185 at this point. And the worst was yet to come!! A quick right, then left was very steep and then I saw the crest of the hill, up above me!! The final climb was gradual, thankfully, and not as steep, but my HR was now 196 and I was struggling. I just kept my head down, pedalling with my thighs burning and then I turned left and I had made it!!!
I cannot believe it! I did it! I was knackered, but I'd done it!
I carried on this road for a bit, getting my breath back, and then turned round and went back down Belmont Hill!! I didn't want to try another way, as I didn't know the route and I'd told my wife I wouldn't be long. Speeding downhill was really scary and I thought I was going to fall off the front at one point. I kept the brakes on most of the way down and was thankful to have made it back to the bottom! I don't know how Lance Armstrong goes at speeds of up to 75mph downhill! They are mad! I then did 1 lap of the Smiley Miley loop and headed home.
My most satisfying cycle ever!!

13th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 11.85 miles/18.96Km     Time - 50:14mins

I think I'm getting addicted to the Turbo Trainer!! I couldn't stop myself doing a session. I kept it easy, as I swam this morning. I got on the bike at 5.15pm and I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
40 mins 39x17/18
5 mins 39x19
I was dripping in sweat again today. My average HR was 137.

Swim.    Distance - ??m     Time - 28:04mins

I found it quite hard work this morning. My 1st swim since the 5th and I felt it. It's so hard trying to fit in all 3 disciplines.
I found the first 4 lengths fine but then I struggled. I decided that I would swim non-stop for 20mins and so I just got on with it. My nose is still slightly blocked from last weeks cold and so I breathed air in and blew snot out! Not nice; good job the pool is heavily chlorinated! After 10 or so lengths, I got into the groove and felt pleased to reach 20 minutes. I then did some 50m sets at a good pace, but not sprinting.

12th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 12.7 miles/20.66Km     Time - 55:08mins

I did a slightly easier workout today, after yesterday's harder session.
I did the following:
5 mins 39x19
45 mins 39x18
5 mins 39x19
I was dripping in sweat again today. My average HR was 137. I'm hoping the weather will be nice this weekend so that I can get out and do a long road session.

11th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 13.08 miles/20.93Km     Time - 54:00mins

It was 6.20pm when I went into my garage and began pedalling. It was dark outside and so normally I wouldn't have been able to fit a session in today!
I did the following workout:
10 mins 39x19
12 mins 39x16
5 mins 39x19
12 mins 39x16
5 mins 39x18
10 mins 39x19
It was quite hard work today and I sweated buckets. My average HR was 142 so I'm quite pleased. It peaked at 167.

10th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 11.34 miles/18.14Km     Time - 50:00mins

I'm very pleased that I have my Turbo Trainer. I am now able to train within the correct heart rate zones. I have been training too hard, with my HR too high. I am now concentrating on keeping between 111 and 139 so that I'm in the fat-burning zone.
I did the following workout:
5 mins 39x19
40 mins 39x18
5 mins 39x19
I listened to an Ibiza Dance Anthem tape today and it was a great way to workout. The time whizzed by!! It's actually slightly harder than being out on the road, as I have to keep pedalling and so take fewer breaks. It's head down all the way!!

9th February

Turbo Trainer!    Distance - 10.92 miles/17.47Km     Time - 51:00mins

It was blowing a gale today, but I didn't mind as I've taken delivery of my new Turbo Trainer. It's set-up in the garage and I have a walkman so it's perfect for days like today. My bike was serviced and I have a new chain and two new, low profile, racing tyres! The bike looks so mean now!!
Using the Turbo Trainer is so easy. I did the following workout, which I found in the manual:
5 mins 39x19
40 mins 39x17/18
6 mins 39x19/21
I kept my heart rate between 118-140 and so for once, I was actually burning fat!! I'm really pleased.

Bike.    Distance - 2.79 miles/4.46Km     Time - 12:00mins

I then released the bike off the trainer and went for a ride outside to see how it felt. It was amazing. It felt a lot quicker and smoother! I did a quick loop under the A370 and back into Flax Bourton. I am now so excited and I can't wait for tomorrow to have another go.
The Turbo Trainer is just fantastic and I have grown to love the bike over the last year and now this means I can do a lot more cycling, what ever the weather.

7th February

I have a cold and feel pretty lousy, so I shall refrain from training for a couple of days.
For my birthday, my wife has bought me a Turbo Trainer!!! This is a device that I fit the back wheel of the bike to and then pedal away in my garage!! I am so excited!
The bike is going in for a service and I shall get the Turbo Trainer at the same time!!

5th February

Swim.    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 36:14mins

I did some speed sessions today and I found it really hard work! I warmed up with a gentle 200m and then did:
8 x 50m with 20secs rest.
4 x 100m with 30secs rest
I was then absolutely knackered and the pool was full of old people. YUK! And then to top it all I finish a length and was faced with the sight of a woman's huge backside looming down the steps at me! AAAggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
I did 100m warm down and fled the pool!!

3rd February

Bike.    Distance - 12.21 miles/19.54Km     Time - 45:52mins

The rain had gone and today it was still a bit overcast but at least the wind had gone too. I started with a lap of Smiley Miley's and then I ventured down the A370 to Long Ashton and then back up through Long Ashton village. I then finished with another lap of Smiley Miley's. I felt good today and went a bit faster. On the hills of Long Ashton I went for it and I think this was the fasted return leg I've done.

2nd February

Bike.    Distance - 11.63 miles/18.6Km     Time - 46:54mins

It was pouring down this afternoon, but it wasn't going to stop me today. I decided to head along the A370 to Cleeve and back. I want to do some shorter sessions, with speed sessions. I took it easy to begin and as I left Backwell I began to go for it. I did 2mins of effort followed by 1min of easy work. It was quite windy and the rain was relentless. I felt slightly cold on the way back and finished with a lap round Smiley Miley's.










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