MY Training Diary - February 2001
Starting Weight - 14st 7lbs

27th Feb

Swim.    Distance - 900m.     Time - 30 mins

Pool was packed this morning at 7.30am. Where do they all come from?!!! I got out early as there was no room and I was bored with old people getting in the way!!

26th Feb

Run.    Distance - 2.5 miles.     Time - 28 mins


25th Feb

Run.    Distance - 2 miles.     Time - 30 mins

It's getting harder and it didn't help that I spent yesterday at the cinema with my sisters, pigging out on sweets, while watching "Hannibal." The film wasn't that great.

23rd Feb

Swim.    Distance - 800m.     Time - 25 mins

I concentrated on speed today and swam 200m in 3:55. I have entered a time of 3:50 in my 1st race in April, so I can nearly do that, which is encouraging.

20th Feb

Run.    Distance - 2.5 miles.     Time - 35 mins

I ignored the Polar this time and worked out at an average HR of 160! Sod the fat-burning, I need to get fit.

19th Feb

Swim.    Distance - 1100m.     Time - 30 mins


18th Feb

Run.    Distance - 2.5 miles.     Time - 35 mins

As I got a Polar Heart Monitor Stopwatch for my birthday, I decided to break up a weekend with friends and go for a run. I read the manual and decided to stay within my Fat Burning zone for the run. Well, as I'm not as fit as I would like to be and do need to shed some weight, this proved to be a very depressing workout. To remain in my zone meant a fast walk! Not exactly the training I need for my first Triathlon.

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