MY Training Diary - December 2001

31st December

Swim.    Distance - 800m     Time - 20:34mins

I had to squeeze one more session in before the end of my first year of Triathlon training!! I just did a quick 750m well not that quick! I then did a couple of laps and out to get home in time to get things ready for New Year's Eve!!!

29th December

Bike.    Distance - 11.00 miles/17.6Km     Time - 48.30mins

Went out along A370 to Cleeve and round the 1/4 mile loop once and back to Flax Bourton. I passed my road and did 1 loop of Smiley Miley's and then headed home. Time was against me as I didn't start until 3.40pm and so darkness was closing in on me as I headed for home. I felt very out of breath on some bits but overall, not too bad. It was really cold and as the sun went down I felt the temperature drop dramatically. But my feet were nice and snug in their new booty warmers. (A present from my wife.) Thanks Gorge!!

28th December

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 30:58mins

Not been a great couple of months training wise. I have had a bad cold and been fairly lethargic. But after the Christmas celebrations and putting on some weight, I have decided that the excuses stop here.
I read a book on running and I need to lose some weight before I embark on serious running, so I am going to concentrate on my swimming and cycling until I have lost the unwanted pounds. I did 750m in 15:07mins and then did some 50m sprints, best was 45secs and then some leisurely arms only and legs only.

4th December

Run.    Distance - 3.2miles/5Km     Time - 34:08mins

I need to work on my running and so I decided to go for a 5Km as a marker. My time was slow and I found it very tough going. It's been nearly 2 months since my last serious run and boy did my legs feel it!!! I had to stop after 20mins and I walked for 5 mins to give my heart rate a chance. It was 190 when I began walking! I ran again when it had dropped to 138.
My legs are sore but my back feels OK. I am going to concentrate on shorter distances to begin with until I get my fitness back. I realised from watching The Triathlon World Cup on SKY TV that the runners do better than good swimmers and cyclists, so I must improve my running if I want to improve my times next year.

3rd December

Swim.    Distance - 950m     Time - 21:30mins

After the bike yesterday, I got up early and went for a gentle swim. I was just going to try 400m to see how the back was, but it felt fine so I did 750m in 14:39mins and then did some arms only and legs only and then a quick 50m. My back felt fine, but my neck was a little stiff.

2nd December

Bike.    Distance - 16.8 miles/26.88Km     Time - 1hr:08.50mins

It was a lovely bright, but very cold Sunday morning and I decided, having seen a Tony Robbins advert on SKY TV, to take massive action. I wrapped up nice and warm and headed off to do a few laps of the Smiley Miley loop. But the route changed at the mini roundabout! I decided to head right into Long Ashton. I went thru Long Ashton and then turned round and came back to the roundabout. I then completed the Smiley Miley loop and this time I headed down the A370 into Bristol and then went left and back into Long Ashton and then I finished off with a complete loop round Smiley Miley's.
Very pleased to have discovered a new route and I shall use it again. My back was a bit sore and stiff afterwards but it seems to be OK.









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