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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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Tuesday 30th June

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 38.13mins

I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday from in Bristol. Matt who I spoke to, asked about my training and he said my HR is too high so I need to slow down. So today I really tried slowing the pace down.

I feel a bit confused now because if I slow down to this much each time then I'll never get round Cardiff!! But Matt assured me I would then build up my fitness and would begin to get faster without over doing it.

I may go consult the Twitter people and see what advice comes back. Anyway, my new New Balance 859 running shoes were much more comfortable and it was a good run and nice not to feel quite so knackered at the end!

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Wednesday 1st July

Distance - 8.77 miles    Time - 40.00mins    Bike (on Turbo Trainer)

I did a gentle 40mins on the bike in my garage first thing.

It was good to be doing something other than running and my legs felt great. I kept my Heart Rate below 140 the whole time.


Thursday 2nd July

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 41.39mins

I'm not sure how to explain today's workout!! Darren Worlock, a great friend who lives in the next village is a super fit runner. He did the Bristol Half Marathon in the early 1990's and came 7th overall!!!
He's looked at my training and has decided it needs changing and he is now working on a program for me!

Today's work out was a Fartlek session of walking and sprints! Absolute blooming AGONY! And Darren came out to do it with me so he really pushed me on.

We did 3 miles, with warm up jog, then 2 mins of walking followed by 10 secs of sprinting at full pelt! My legs just about held out and the gentle warm down jog at the end was such hard work!! But it now feels good to have done it.

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Friday 3rd July

Distance - 2.0 miles    Time - 32.35mins

This was just a gentle walk to keep my muscles loose after yesterday's Fartlek Sprint session.

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Saturday 4th July

Distance - 6.82 miles    Time - 30.00mins    Bike (on Turbo Trainer)

I just did a gentle 30mins on the bike keeping my HR below 135.

My legs were really sore today but felt slightly better after this session.

Sunday 5th July

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 47.19mins

My legs were still a little sore but I felt good as I got into the 1st mile but then disaster struck. I felt something go in my left achilles or lower calf and had to pull up after 2 miles. I stretched and both legs felt OK, but tender so I walked for a bit and then tried running again and I felt fine. So I ran back the whole way except for a quick stop when I felt my HR getting too high.

An OK run; I'm pleased I finished but am now worried I've done some damage. My achilles on both legs feel fine but the shins on both legs are agony. So I've been told by a couple of running experts to ice them and keep them elevated.

I think I might have to give Tuesday a miss this week, but I'll see how I get on.

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