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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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6th October

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 31.48mins

I was in London on business so I took my running kit with me - yes I MUST be addicted! There was a small gym in the hotel with a treadmill so I did a gentle recovery run after Sunday's 11 miler. It was not a nice run at all. Running inside on a treadmill is nowhere near as pleasant as running outside in the countryside. It was really hot inside and I've never sweated so much on a 3 mile run!

So not nice; but really pleased to have done it.

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8th October

Distance - 6.0 miles    Time - 59.07mins

I was feeeling really good today so decided to see if I could get under 1 hour for this 6 mile run.

My legs and feet felt great but my HR was a bit high but it still felt quite comfortable. I knew my last 6 mile run over the same route was around 1hr:05mins so the target was to beat that and get under an hour if possible.

I ran 1st 3 miles in 28mins whihc I was really pleased with but mile 4 and 5 were really tough.I couldn't believe it when I stopped the watch at under 1 hour!! But the price I paid was a blood blister on the ball of my right foot so will need to take it easy while that heals.

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11th October

Distance - 7.0 miles    Time - 1hr:16.28mins

Having been advised by my Chiropodist to lance the blood blister and gently squeeze the blood out, I did so on Thursday and all went well. She also told me to cover my foot in Vaseline at night and wear a sock over it. I did this too and it was the perfect treatment!

Today was going to be a gentle 6 mile run but I was feeling fresh so carried on and did an extra mile. This was a late afternoon run and it was cool to watch the sun setting over the Wraxall Valley. But it was nearly dark by the time I headed for home!

My ankles and feet were a bit sore but nothing too bad and having put plenty of Vaseline on my right foot to make sure the blister didn't return I have to say it did the trick. My right foot is fine and no sign of any blisters even after 7 miles.

So I'm on the final furlong now - 1 week to go!!! Just a couple of gentle runs next week and then the BIG RACE!

Click here to see a detailed workout and map.

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