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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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21st September

Distance - 5.0 miles    Time - 51.18mins

My left foot was still a tiny bit sore this morning but my legs felt good so I decided to wait until after work before doing this session.

I felt great on first mile and in fact ran at sub 9mins pace for about 5 minutes and it felt really comfortable. I took that as a very good sign. My insoles felt good up to about the 2.5 mile point.

After I turned round and headed home the right shoe was beginning to get a bit sore below the ball of my foot at the start of the arch and got gradually worse. My legs felt great all the wat round, but now both shins are a little tender and i have a blister on the sole of both feet :-(

I'm going to ring my Podiatrist tomorrow just to check on this but I do feel I turned a corner today. I was pleased to have managed 5 miles in them and I think the new insoles are working and I hope they will have settled in by Cardiff.

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25th September

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 32.05mins

After Monday's run I woke up on Tuesday in agony. My right foot was very sore with the blister and the heel of my left foot was agony. I spoke to my Podiatrist and she said she wanted to make some small alterations to the insoles. So I delivered them to her and she got them back to me on Friday.

I did a gentle session to bed them in but my feet were still sore and I am now getting very worried. With only 3 and a bit weeks to go before the Cardiff Half Marathon I need to get in a 9 mile run and a 10 mile run over the next 2 weeks.
So I have decided that I am going back to the normal insoles to try those.

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27th September

Distance - 6.0 miles    Time - 1hr:05.15mins

The first 2 miles were so sore that I seriously contemplated giving up running forever! My feet felt better but my legs and back were sore. Knees were OK by my shins were sore too. I very nearly turned back after the first mile but I kept going and it began to feel better as I got into the 3rd mile and beyond.

It was a lovely sunny and quite warm day so it was perfect to run in but my legs were really sore. But I just kept going thinking that I need to get the runs in between now and Cardiff.

It was a really hard run but again better than I thought when I compare it with my last 6 mile run, but not as good a pace as my last 7 mile run. But it's been a tricky few weeks with my insole dramas. I think I will continue without them for now and see how it goes.

It's a bit scary to think the race is 3 weeks today! I know I can do it; my time just might not be as good as I had hoped but I've raised a lot of money for Cancer Research UK and Dad would be proud. I love you and miss you so much Dad xx

Click here to see a detailed workout and map.

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