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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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7th September

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 30.26mins

Today's run was just an easy 3 miles at a moderate pace. But having a couple of days rest made a huge difference and I ran faster than expected.

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9th September

Distance - 8.0 miles    Time - 1hr:29.15mins

This was without doubt THE toughest run I've ever done. It was a lovely sunny day and I felt great for the first 4 miles.

I don't think I went off too quick but I definitely went slower on the second half of the run and the final mile was really, really hard work.

I am so pleased to have managed 8 miles but the thought that I will need to do another 5 miles to make it 13 miles on the day seems a hard task. But it will be all worth it and I know I can do it. COME ON!!

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12th September

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 42.28mins

This was my first run with a Hangover! I had drunk plenty of water so didn't feel really bad but I was definitely a bit dodgy on the first mile.

We were staying at Galgorm Manor just outside Belfast for Mark & Lynda's wedding so I was pleased to have actually gone out for this run.
It was lovely sunny morning but a little bit cold. The route was quite nice and the the thought of my nice hotel breakfast helped my power home on the last mile!

Click here to see a detailed workout and map.

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