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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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31st August

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 46.44mins

Just a gentle recovery run. Again, I thought 4 miles might be a bit far after yesterday but I felt good during the run.

My legs were a little sore but I took it steady. I took a bottle of Lucozade Sport with me, but not sure it helped that much.

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2nd September

Distance - 5.0 miles    Time - 52.07mins

This was one of the hardest runs so far. Definitely not helped by a late night and not eating sensibly!

My thighs felt it today for the first time really and I noticed that both achilles were sore but my left achilles was worse. I was really pleased to have managed it today and even though I did feel like walking a couple of times especially in last mile I was able to just carry on. Mind over matter and all that!

I didn't realise until I got home and checked on previous runs that this was just slightly faster than last my 5 mile run last week. I didn't expect that feeling the way I did. Slowly but surely little nuggets of progress are being made.

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UPDATE: I went to see my physio this afternoon and he has suggested I switch from a 7 day a week program to a 10 day a week program. My sore achilles are my body giving me a warning that I'm pushing too much and so need to take a few extra days rest. This means my long run will now be next Weds. Not sure how this will pan out. I need to spend a few minutes going through diary dates to see.


4th September

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 43.23mins

My left achilles and right ankle were both a little sore so I just took this one a bit steady. I saw a Podiatrist yesterday and she is sorting me out some insoles for my running shoes which should really help. I get them in about 10 days time. They will take some getting used to but just a few days of walking and gentle running should be enough.

It was really windy today and I didn't feel too good on this run. I wanted to give up at the 2 mile mark but obviously carried on. I'm quite pleased with my time; I thought it was going to be much slower. It certainly felt slow! Weekend of rest now and back with a gentle 3 miler on Monday before my long 8 miler on Wednesday.

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