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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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24th August

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 35.52mins

After yesterday's long run I really didn't think I would be able to manage this 3 mile run today. But I woke up feeling good and my legs didn't feel too bad.

I took it gently as my Monday morning runs are always meant to be recovery runs.

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25th August

My legs were still really sore today so I didn't do the 5 miles on my bike as planned. I thought a days rest ahead of tomorrow's 5 miler would be sensible.

26th August

Distance - 5.0 miles    Time - 52.22mins

I went off like a bloody rabbit again! Tut tut! What a plonker. But I was still pleased to have been able to keep going even though HR was a little high, think it got up to 187!

But boy oh boy does this feel good?!! The 1st mile was amazing, legs felt great, breathing was good and even the 2nd mile was quite good. I'm so chuffed. And my feet didn't go numb today. The only thing I did differently was loosen my laces very slightly and didn't tie the know so tight.

Note to self: Remember not to tie laces up so tight.

I've got a little 4 miler on Friday ahead of my Sunday Monster 7 miler!

I can't thank my mate, Martin Gibbs, enough. He's the guy who's puffed me into doing the Cardiff Half Marathon and I know it's taken over a year to get me into this running lark, but I think I might be there now! Thanks mate :)

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28th August

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 40.23mins

Once again I am just so pleased!!!

The weather was terrible this morning. It was blowing a gale and it absolutely pour it down during the last 2 miles. Which was lovely but the wind was really strong and made it quite cold.

I set off at a much steadier pace and was so happy to be able to pick up the speed on final half mile. The pace I ran at was very consistent and I was able to keep my HR more under control today.

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30th August

Distance - 7.0 miles    Time - 1 hr 21.00mins

What a great feeling. A few months ago I never thought I'd be running 3 or 4 miles, let alone 7 miles!

I'd been to a party the night before and tried to be good so only drank a couple of pints. I felt great and I took things gently. I decided to just run along the main road into Backwell and beyond and then turn round. But a lady runner overtook me and turned right towards Chelvey and so I thought I'd go that way. I had no idea where I was going but that's was fine. I had my Garmin and I would just turn round at the 3.5 mile point and head home.

It was a pretty country lane but when you're out of puff, it's not nice breathing in manure! I nearly gagged twice.

I was just so pleased to have done 7 miles and my legs felt good. My right foot got slightly numb after 4miles but that soon eased off. Very chuffed.

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