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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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17th August

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 38.36mins

I was really pleased with today's run. It went very well, and I'm quite pleased with the time. I know it's slow, but nowhere near as slow as I thought it might be.

But most important HR was low and I felt great. I thought I'd be knackered and stiff after yesterday's 5 miles so I'm very happy.

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18th August

Distance - 5.0 miles    Time - 20:45mins    Bike (on Turbo Trainer)

I felt great on this session and kept cadence at 100 revs and speed average was 15mph.

19th August

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 41.43mins

I am so chuffed with my time on this run. It's still not world beating but it's real progress.
I set off too fast but was pleased to break 10mins for 1st mile. I settled into nice rythm and my legs felt good. I knew my HR was high but I was able to keep it under control with good breathing.

My wife & daughter were going to meet me on the cycle path with some water but they didn't quite make it in time. I was gutted to miss them; maybe we'll do it on Friday for my next 4 miles.
Return leg felt good but it was hot out there today; lovely and sunny. A really great run and whilst hard work it was my best run so far.

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20th August

Distance - 10.0 miles    Time - 00:00mins    Bike (on Turbo Trainer)

Had a really good session. First time I've cycled 10 miles in ages and it felt good.

21st August

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 42.04mins

It started out nice and sunny and then the sky went very black and it poured down. I quite like running in the rain. Whenever it rains we always duck for cover so it was refreshing to just stay out and run!

The 3rd mile was hard work but the last half a mile I suddenly felt great and sped up.

Really pleased; heart rate lower than Weds and I went out last night and drank 2 Mojitos, a Long Island Ice Tea and a Red Bull. Remind me to do the same the night before Cardiff!

Very much looking forward to Sunday’s 6 miler now.

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23rd August

Distance - 6.0 miles    Time - 1 Hr:07.57mins

This is just AMAZING! Well to me anyway. I can't believe I've just done a 6 mile run!! I am thrilled.

The 1st mile was hard work; my legs felt sore and so did my feet. But I settled into it and I did actually enjoy it but my legs were definitely sore most of the way round.

It was a relief to head along the cycle path and into Farleigh Green because I knew I was on the final 2 miles.

A great way to start Sunday morning and over 1,000 calories burnt too!

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