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My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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5th August

Distance - 2.0 miles    Time - 21.40mins

Oh joy of joys! I'm back!!!

It felt great to be back running, but I have to admit it was hard work. But I didn't really pace myself, I just went out and ran 2 miles. So my HR ended up a little too high. Got to 192 at it's height! Ooooppps!

Very happy to be running again and still in plenty of time before Cardiff in October. I'm seeing my physio tomorrow and he's doing me a new running programme which will lead my up to the 13 miles I need.

Click here to see a detailed workout and map.


7th August

Distance - 3.0 miles    Time - 35.35mins

It was lovely sunny morning and it was nice run. I decided to run a new route so headed into the village on the A370 and down into Farleigh Green and onto the cycle path and back.

My left leg was tweaking every now and then at the back of the knee area and was a little sore after but a day's rest will sort that out.

I might extend today's route on Sunday and see if the loop up to The George pub is 3 miles and I can then do final mile through village and back.

Click here to see a detailed workout and map.

9th August

Distance - 4.0 miles    Time - 49.05mins

I was pleased to wake up and find my legs feeling pretty good. I decided to try Friday's new route but to then carry on a do a complete loop along cycle path and left up Chapel Hill and back along A370 into village. That ended up as 3.3 miles so I carried on into Bourton Mead and back to complete the 4 miles.

It was a lovely hot and sunny day and I felt it on the run. The first mile was quite tough as my legs and feet settled into it. The climb up Chapel HIll, whilst only short was a killer! I walked for a bit to get HR down and then ran home and had to walk again on return let out of Bourton Mead.

Overall, felt great, legs are a bit sore now but my back feels fine. The sorest parts are my feet. So going to take it easy tomorrow I think.

Click here to see a detailed workout and map.
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