MY Training Diary - August 2001

31st August

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 08:35mins

In St Malo there was a lovely beach with an enclosed swimming area. The weather wasn't great but I decided to try a bit of open water swimming. It was a bit rough and I swallowed plenty of seawater!! Good fun though. Not a real workout, but had to try it! Too cold without a wetsuit.

30th August

Run.    Distance - miles Km     Time - 30:09mins

Having a great holiday driving around Northern France. We stayed in a lovely chateau in La Gousenerie near St Malo. I ran for just over half an hour but have no real idea of distance.

27th August

I am away now for a week and won't be updating my website. I will be running and so I will update my diary on my return.

26th August

The London Triathlon.         Time - 1hr:34:15mins

What a fantastic day! A new Personal Best!!! I had a great day and my race couldn't have gone better. For a full race report and my split times go to my Results page.

25th August

Didn't have time to train Friday. I didn't get to bed until 3am, having travelled back from Scotland where I attended my Gran's funeral, so I had a lie-in and then had to take my wife's car in for it's major service and I worked from one of the offices at the dealership. Then I had to swap cars in readiness to transport my bike etc up to Excel.
I registered this morning and I've met Tim Don, Michelle Dillon and Andrea Whitcombe!!!!! I gave them all a card with my website details! It is so exciting here. I am writing this is my hotel on Saturday night. I'm staying at The Customs House Hotel and all the Elite athletes are staying here too. It's great for me to be at an event like this and to be able to mix in with all my Triathlon heroes! The venue here at Excel is out of this world. I still can't believe where we are doing the swim, it's so impressive. I'm hoping to get some really good photos for my Gallery.
I am going to get an early night as I'm leaving here at 5.45am!! Night, night!!

21st August

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 29:44mins

I did a quick 100m and then 14 x 50m sprints with 20secs rest. It was really hard work and the pool was too busy. There were 2 old ladies stood in the shallow end just talking and they kept getting in my way! I splashed them as often as I could, but they seemed oblivious; either that or they were blind!! I then cooled down with some gentle lengths.
I'm going up to Scotland tomorrow for 2 days as it's my Gran's funeral so I won't be training again until Friday.

20th August

Swim.    Distance - 800m     Time - 27:32mins

I went swimming with Angus again this morning. I was still very tired and I haven't been sleeping well since coming back from Scotland. I wore my wetsuit just to get me as used to it as possible. I went off too quickly to start and did 100m in 1:27mins!! The fastest so far, but wetsuit assisted doesn't count in the pool! I did a few 50m sprints and then some 100m and one 200m but I struggled today.

19th August

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles/5Km     Time - 31:03mins

I got back from Scotland yesterday evening and felt terrible. My Gran, Dad's Mum, died of Cancer on Friday night. It was a horrible couple days, but nice that my sister & I were there to say goodbye to her. Cancer is such an awful disease and I am more determined than ever to raise as much as I can.
Having not done any training for 4 days I went for a race distance run and I found it really tough going. My average heart rate was 20 beats higher than normal, which I put down to stress.

15th August

Bike.    Distance - 13.42 miles/21.47Km     Time - 49:44mins

Had some bad news last night and my sister & I are travelling to Scotland tomorrow so I wanted to squeeze in a session before I go.
I headed off towards Weston and again got to Cleeve and did "the houses" loop again. The loop is .25 miles. I did 5 or 6 loops, you lose count after a while!! I then headed back past home and I did 1 quick loop of Smiley Miley's.
I am taking my running gear with me, as I won't be back until late Saturday, 18th.

Run.    Distance - 1.6 miles/2.56Km     Time - 14:47mins

I quickly put the Bike away and then ran to The Jubilee Pub and back. It was hard going as both legs were really stiffening!! And as I was nearing home, I heard a beep and it was my beautiful wife in her car. What a welcoming sight after an hour of sweating!!

14th August

Bike.    Distance - 10.52 miles/16.83Km     Time - 39:08mins

I was still a bit tired from the swim this morning and my left calf was a bit tender, but I headed out on my bike anyway. I went to Cleeve and round "the houses" loop and then home again. I went at a steady pace and my legs feel worked and I feel great having done 2 sessions today.

14th August

Swim.    Distance - 1,600m!!     Time - 34:47mins

My aim from today's session was to complete 1,500m without stopping. The furthest I had done previously was 1,000m. I'm happy to report that I did the 1,500m in 30:33mins which I'm quite pleased with. My left shoulder was slightly stiff after 1,000m but I carried on and it seem to get better. That's 60 lengths of the 25m pool, I'm really chuffed.
This is quite a milestone. My goal is to complete at least 1 Olympic distance race next year and now I know I can do the swim, I just need to build up my running and I should be fine on the bike!! A great start to the day!!!!

13th August

Run.    Distance - 4.0 miles/6.4Km     Time - 47:28mins

I wanted to run for at least 45 mins and I did. My legs began to hurt, especially the shins fairly early into the run and my feet became quite sore by the last stretch. I think I need new training shoes but I need to save before I buy them and the race is only just over a week away now. The experts out there will say "you can't afford not to buy new training shoes!" but I can assure them I can!!

12th August

Bike.    Distance - 12.46 miles/19.9Km     Time - 46:04mins

This was my 1st bike session in the rain. It's amazing that such small tyres manage to grip the wet roads, I thought as I gingerly negotiated the 1st lap of the Smiley Miley loop. I nearly headed home after 25 mins as I was soaked through, but I continued on as I wanted to train for at least 45mins.

9th August

Swim.    Distance - 1,400m     Time - 43:06mins

Angus and I went for an early morning dip! Angus normally goes swimming 3-4 times a week and has been touring round south west England for the past few weeks with his family, so he was keen to go for his usual 64 lengths!!!!!! That's over 1,500 and he doesn't stop for breath!!
I did 500m in 9:32mins so that's my benchmark for the Uckfield Triathlon in September. I then did a few 50m, 100m & 200m sessions and then just swam length after length until Angus had finished!!

8th August

Run.    Distance - 3.1 miles/5.0Km     Time - 27:15mins

We've got Angus, Leigh, Phoebe & Hugh staying with us and we spent the day at Weston. I really wanted to do something today, so when I came home to feed the cats, I decided to go for a run. I wanted to do a fast race distance, so I set off at a quick pace, but comfortable. I'm over the moon with my time. The quickest I've done, a new Personal Best. I then cooled down for 5mins with a walk up the lane and back.
Angus & I are going swimming tomorrow morning!!

7th August

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 31:06mins

I wore my wetsuit in the pool in Backwell this morning and I got a few stares as I got in the pool! I felt far more comfortable in it today, but the neck still rubs slightly. I put Vaseline on my neck to alleviate the rubbing. I did 100m to start with in 1:42mins. I was very pleased with this time, the wetsuit really helps. I then did 500m at a steady pace and my breathing was much better than the last time I swam in the suit in the pool. I then did a few 50m sprints in 40secs! and then some more gentle lengths.

5th August

Open water Swim.    Distance - nil!!     Time - 0:00mins

I had planned to swim at Weston-super-Mare in my wetsuit to get used to swimming in the open water. However, like all things, proper planning prevents piss poor results! I hadn't checked the tide before we left and as luck would have it.......the tide was way out!! I put my wetsuit on anyway and headed off for the sea. The problem with Weston is mud flats! As I got nearer to the shoreline, the mud got deeper and when it reached my knees, I decided that it was too dangerous. It was really hard work just lifting my legs up and out with each step, so I abandoned my swim.
I was gutted, but it was my own fault. I will go online and find the tide charts so next time I'm a bit more organised!!

4th August

Run.    Distance - 3.75 miles/6.21Km     Time - 42:38mins

It was raining as I set off on my run. I fast walked for the 1st 5mins and then ran through Backwell and to the "straw" turning on the right. As I ran through Backwell the rain got heavier, but it was very enjoyable and refreshing.
I felt very good and ran to the top of PO Lane and then cooled down with a walk to home, wet through but pleased!

3rd August

Bike.    Distance - 12.63 miles/20.21Km     Time - 48:47mins

I didn't feel that great when I began. Only had a bowl of cereal this morning, missed lunch so that's probably why. I took it gently and just went round the Smiley Miley loop. I found it quite hard work and the lactic acid very quickly built up, especially in my right thigh. It's been nearly a week since my last bike session, so it just shows how important it is to keep up a regular training routine.
Pleased to have squeezed 2 sessions in today though.

3rd August

Swim.    Distance - 900m     Time - 17:42mins

I was going to attempt 1500m without stopping but I'm doing an open-water swim at Weston-super-Mare in my wetsuit at the weekend, and so I didn't want to over do it. I did 750m non-stop in 14:40mins so quite happy with that. I went at a very steady pace and felt very comfortable.

2nd August

Run.    Distance - no idea!     Time - 49:42mins

I did some hill sessions today. I ran to Belmont Hill and then did 4 hill sessions of 1:30mins and walk/jog back down the hill to begin again. Running up a steep hill is not as easy as it sounds and after 4 sessions, I was knackered.
I then ran back past P.O Lane and up small rise and down to Post box and back. It began raining and it was very refreshing. Good session and my legs feel it now so that must be good!

1st August

Swim.    Distance - 1,200m     Time - 33:12mins

I did a training session that I made up myself!! It was as follows:
400m 1min rest.
10 x 25m 15secs rest between each.
200m 30secs rest.
10 x 25m 15secs rest between each.
100m warm down.
This was very hard work and I must admit I am slightly nervous about wearing the wetsuit again!! It's so much easier in a pool where you can catch a quick breath when turning, but in the open water it is 750m non-stop!!









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