MY Training Diary - April 2004

29th April

Run.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:04mins

I've got a bit of a head cold and I really struggled running. My HR was higher than normal so I just did 20mins.
HR - 162.
HR 178 at the highest!

27th April

Swim.    Distance - 1,000m     Time - 22:40mins

I was really pleased to do 750m in 14:55mins after a weeks break. I then did another 10 lengths.

20th April

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 20:20mins

I was short on time today, so did an agressive 20min BFL workout.
HR - 133.
HR 166 at the highest.

17th April

Run.    Distance - 2.5miles/4.0Km     Time - 21:43mins

I ran into Backwell as far as the bench. I got to the bench on 11:10. I then ran back but tried a bit too hard as I was trying to catch a runner ahead of me. No chance!
HR - 160.
HR 178 at the highest.

15th April

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 16:12mins

I have no idea how far I swam as again the pool was packed. I swam about 400m and then did 5 or 6 sets of 50m sprints. Then I made the mistake of being competitive with another swimmer. He and I were cruising along doing crawl and then I realised he was catching me slightly, so I kept going and was absolutely knackered and had to stop. He was actually very good, and he continued for about 10 lengths after I gave up! I slowed down and began doing leg kicks on my back to make it look like I'd finished! Male pride!!

14th April

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 40:09mins

This was a tough workout. I decided to do the BFL workout but over double the time. I was pleased with my ave HR.
2mins - 2nd gear warm-up
Then 2mins - 3rd; 2mins - 4th; 2mins - 5th; 2mins - 6th.
Then 2mins rest in 3rd; then 2mins - 4th; 2mins - 5th; 2mins -6th.
Then 2mins rest in 3rd; then 2mins - 4th; 2mins - 5th; 2mins -6th.
Then 2mins rest in 3rd; then 2mins - 4th; 2mins - 5th; 2mins -6th & 2mins - 7th. This killed!!!
Then 2mins cool down in 2nd.
HR - 134.
HR 164 at the highest in 7th gear!!

13th April

Run    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 25:48mins

I ran around Bourton Mead a couple of times, but this was hard work as my left leg and lower back were sore. I had to stop to walk a couple of times. So a bit disappointed.
HR - 159.
HR 174.

Swim.    Distance - m     Time - 16:12mins

Pool was packed again, so I started with 4 lengths of breaststroke until I had a clear lane and then I did front crawl. No idea how far I swam today.

12th April

Day off today.

11th April

Bike.    Distance - 13.5miles/21.6Km     Time - 53:04mins

Long Easter Sunday bike session today. I am really pleased to have worked out every day this week, that's the 1st time for a long time.
I cycled out of Flax Bourton past The Jubilee and then left to Wraxall and into Backwell. I then went down Station Road and then left back towards Flax Bourton. I passed our neighbours, Jim & Elisa on the way and waved. I then did 2 Long Ashton loops and back round the Smiley Miley loop and home.
I did 20Km in 47:37mins so no record, but another marker to go on.
HR - 154.
HR 166 at the highest.

10th April

Run.    Distance - 3.0miles/4.8Km     Time - 30:58mins

I ran into Backwell. My target was to get to the swimming pool, but then decided to do 30mins, so got to just past the traffic lights at 15mins. I got to Fairfield Way on 10mins and the bench on 11:05.(My new marker, target time 10.00).
This was a hard run but I'm really chuffed to have done this in 30mins.
HR - 163.
HR 176 at the highest.

9th April

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 36:33mins

Another aerobic session trying to keep my HR between 127 - 137. I increased the pace slightly during the final 5 mins which took my HR up.
HR - 130.
HR 148 at the highest.

8th April

Run    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 27:14mins

I ran around Bourton Mead and then up to Farleigh Green. I then did some sprints by the Village Hall and then ran back same route.
I'm pleased to have squeezed 2 sessions in today.
HR - 161.
HR 176 on the way home.

Swim.    Distance - 1,100m     Time - 21:02mins

The pool was less busy today thankfully. I did 750m to begin and I am over the moon with my time -
14:39mins!!! I can't believe it. My PB is 13:55min form about 2 years ago, so we're getting closer.
I'm confident that if I can the same rate, I will really be ready for London on 31st July.
I did legs only and arms only and finished with a gentle 200m cool down.

7th April

Swim.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 25:36mins

An early morning swim in a very busy pool. I did a gentle warm up for 10mins but with so many people around I lost count of lengths. I then did a set of 5 x 50m sprints which were really hard. Fastest time was 43secs, so quite pleased. If, and that's a huge if, I could keep up that pace for race distance I would do the 750m in just under 11 mins!!! In my dreams!
I then did some legs only and arms only and finished with a gentle 100m cool down.

6th April

Turbo Trainer.    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 33:05mins

This was a lunchtime aerobic session trying to keep my HR between 127 - 137. It was still quite hard on my legs as I maintained 100 revs per min. I increased the pace slightly during the final 5 mins which took my HR up.
HR - 129.
HR 144 at the highest.

5th April

Run    Distance - miles/Km     Time - 25:19mins

I ran around Bourton Mead a couple of times. Then up to The Jubilee Inn and back past Post Office Lane to the 40mph sign and then home.
HR - 160.
HR 172.

Swim.    Distance - 750m     Time - 14:55mins

Really pleased to break the 15min mark for race distance. 15 seconds faster than 19th March, so I am making progress on the fitness front. I continued with a 200m cool down with leg and arms only work.



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