MY Training Diary - April 2001

28th April

THE RACE!    My Start Time - 2:02pm

What a Fantastic day!! I would just like to thank all my friends and family that came along to give me such brilliant and much needed support, especially up to the finishing line!! For all the race info and times please go to the Results page.

27th April

Nurse.    Time - 11:30am

I saw a different nurse today, Chris. She was very nice and she removed the dressing and decided that I should let the air get to it for the afternoon. She cleaned it up and then redressed my finger. She asked me to come back at 5:40pm when she put the water-proof dressing on so that I can swim tomorrow. She also gave me some spare water-proof stuff just in case I need to reapply any on the day.
So this is it!!!! T-minus 1 day! Those of you coming up to watch & support, I'll see you there!!

26th April

Run.    Distance - 2.5Km(Race distance)     Time - 14:13mins

Yes, you did read it right!!! A RUN!!!! I'm really pleased, just 2 days to go until the big day and I just felt I needed to try out my leg. Not the quickest time, but I'm really pleased for a couple of reasons:
a) My leg didn't hurt whilst I was running. It is throbbing slightly now, but it seems fine.
b) I managed the 2.5Km which is the distance I'll run on Saturday.
I know it's not very far, but with a sore leg, and after a swim and a 15mile bike I'm sure it will seem a lot further! I'm going to try a short bike ride in the morning. Watch this space.

23rd April

Nurse.    Time - 11:40am

I had to wait 15mins and then I saw Sue Haggo again. There was a little old lady in the adjoining treatment room who was waiting for an ambulance. She had just had a mild heart attack, but was unaware. She blushed at the site of my legs and I held her hand for a couple of minutes. She said she was fine and that she just wanted to go home! It was quite touching. I just hope that she's alright.
Sue took my bandage and dressing off and cleaned it all up again. She was quite pleased with the healing but again redressed the wounds, but reduced them slightly. She explained that I would be fine by the end of the week and even gave me a letter, giving me permission to race on Saturday. She said they would put a special water-proof dressing on when I see them on Friday. This will allow me to swim without affecting the wounds.
So I'm quite pleased, but the leg is still quite sore. She also redressed my little finger. Haven't got a clue what she will do about my finger so I can swim!!!

20th April

Nurse.    Time - 5.30pm

Nicky drove me to the surgery and we waited for ages. The nurse finally called me in at 6pm and the agony began again! She was pleased with the wounds on my leg and redressed them. There wasn't as much puss as she'd feared there would be so that was good. But with the dressing and bandage on I can't bend my leg. Next appointment is Monday at 11:40am so I'm trying to bend my leg as much as possible until then. Not very easy, as it's still very painful. On Monday, I'm hoping that the dressing can be reduced or removed altogether so that I can keep my leg moving and flexible. I'll let you know.
My little finger was ok too, but I'm more concerned about my leg. No leg, no race!

19th April

Bike/Run.    Distance - 5.11Km     Time - 14:24mins

Things didn't go according to plan at all today! I planned a great workout: Bike 12Km followed by a 2.5Km Run. This is half the race distance on Bike and full race distance for the Run. But only 4.5Km into by Bike I skidded onto the pavement and badly ripped my left leg, shoulder, bum and the top of the knuckle of my little finger! It was really painful and not helped by the passenger of a blue Golf GTi that laughed at me and yelled "Ha Ha, You Tosser!" out the window as they drove by me, lying in a heap! Charming.

Nicky & Jamie advised me very wisely, to go to the doctors; a) To check if I'd had a Tetanus jab recently and b) to get the wounds looked at. I saw a nurse who put me through absolute agony. She was really lovely, her name is Sue Haggo RGN MBE and she has assured me that she will get my wounds healed in time for my race on the 28th April. She cleaned all my wounds up and got out loads of grit & dirt. I had a Tetanus jab in "95, which lasts for 10 years so that was fine. I now have a bandage on my little finger and on my left leg, so I can't bend my leg at the moment.

So my training is now on hold and I shall now keep you updated on my healing process instead!!!!

18th April

Bike/Swim/Bike.    Distance - 4.93m     Time - 28:08mins

I didn't have a car this morning, so I cycled to the pool in my gear. It was really cold just wearing my Tri-suit and a t-shirt. I swam a leisurely 500m and then quickly put on socks, shoes, t-shirt and helmet and then cycled home. I wasn't going to do any training today, but I wanted to try out my new all in one Tri-suit in the pool. It felt great and tomorrow I will see what my time is over 200m and 400m, to see if the suit makes any difference. My back is slightly stiff and my legs are a bit sore but otherwise, I feel great.
10 days to go!!! BRING IT ON!

17th April

Bike.    Distance - 24.44Km     Time - 58:40mins!!

Sub 1 hour!!! Nicky & I drove up to Stratford-upon-Avon on a surveillance mission. I wanted to see how flat the bike course was and to ride it once before the race. It was a nice sunny day, but very windy. We found the Leisure Centre and we drove the course before I rode. It is actually nice and flat with one long hill to climb at just over the half way stage. I got on my bike and began. Nicky followed me in the car, giving me loads of encouragement along the way. She would zoom ahead and wait for me in lay-bys, clapping and cheering me on!!! It was great support and I was sorry that my great mate, Jamie couldn't come with us. The ride was quite hard work and the hill nearly finished me off! I really wanted to break the 1 hour mark and the hill put me slightly behind, so I had to push for the last 5Kms. I was over the moon with my time. I jumped off the bike and ran round the car park a couple of times, with jelly legs! I'm not sure how I will manage the 2.5Km run on race day, but I'm pleased to have achieved this goal.

15th April

Run.    Distance - 2.3miles     Time - 20:58mins

Hot & sunny Easter Sunday and I ran this at a similar pace to my Run on 10th April. At this pace I would complete the Run in the race in about 14mins. I still felt very unnatural in my running and I have a way to go before I'm doing decent times but I now know that I can comfortably finish the Stratford Triathlon. What I would like to do is finish in a decent position. When the stuff comes through next week with my start time I'm hoping to find out how many are competing and then I can tell you where I would like to finish!
I'm still running in my old shoes; this time with a plaster for resistance to the Blister!!
I've got the day off on Tuesday and I'm heading up to Stratford to drive the bike course and to ride it too. I'll update this page with my time for the 23Km course.

14th April

Bike.    Distance - 11.54Km     Time - 29:41mins

Half race distance and I'm really pleased with the time. I pushed it harder than usual this morning and even though it was windy I felt comfortable. So my bike time for the race in 2 weeks is looking more like sub- 1 hour. I'd settle for that.

13th April

Rest Day.

12th April

I'm not sure I like this new mentor of mine!! She suggested a little training routine....... 7Km Bike & a 1 mile Run....5 mins rest....then another 7Km Bike & a 1 mile Run. It doesn't sound like much. It is!!

Bike.    Distance - 7.04Km     Time - 17:26mins

Run.    Distance - 1mile     Time - 10:23mins

5 minutes rest.....

Bike.    Distance - 7.04Km     Time - 17:56mins

Run.    Distance - 1mile     Time - 9:04mins

Total Time    54:49mins

I was instructed to try to do this at a faster pace than my normal training. I did and I now have my 1st injury.........
A Blister!!!!! I need a new pair of trainers...
Would any one like to sponsor me a new pair of trainers?
79.99 for Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane shoes. Email me if you do. Thank you!

I was really happy with this workout, especially as my 2nd Run was faster by over a minute. My 2nd Bike leg was slightly slower, but I was still catching my breath! This kind of training really focuses you on your time instead of just putting in the miles. Thanks Mentor!! I loved it really. And the transition wasn't too uncomfortable.

11th April

Swim.    Distance - 400m     Time - 7:32mins

This morning I was pushed for time as I had to take my wife's car in to have new headlight bulbs, so I just wanted to see what my times were over 200m and 400m. I haven't swum for ages, but as it's my strongest discipline I have tried to work on the 2 weaker ones. I did 200m in 3:36 and I was really pleased with my 400m time. I pushed fairly hard so I don't think my time will be as quick on race day. It's important that I save some energy for the bike. Plus, I would have struggled to climb out the pool!!!!

I got a phone call this evening from a friend of a friend. She is a very accomplished Triathlete and she has given me some very helpful hints and has said that I can call her for advice anytime I need it. So I now have a kind of mentor, so watch out World, I've got inside information now!!!!!! Her identity will remain confidential, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for taking the time to point me in the right direction. Thank You! & I promise not to hassle you too much!


10th April

Run.    Distance - 3.75miles     Time - 33:40mins

Great run today and the furthest I've been so far!! I'm only doing about a mile and a half in my first race so it should be OK. I'm training at longer distances as the normal Triathlons are 10Km runs which is 6.25miles so I need to go for longer. My left foot was sore from my trainer rubbing so I may need a new pair. But overall pleased with the last 2 days training.

9th April

Bike.    Distance - 16.05Km     Time - 45:28mins

It was very windy again today which made cycling head on into it very hard. I was pleased to cover this distance and it was fairly comfortable. I didn't take "Go" fluid today, just water. The "Go" fluid is full of Carbohydrates and sugar & I think it's a bit much for me at the moment. I need to burn my own "Carbs" and lose some weight first!!! But I was very pleased with the bike ride and at this pace I would complete the bike stage in 1hr 05mins.

8th April

I was feeling slightly better, so I went to Blandford, as planned, to watch the Fast Twitch Triathlon. I got there at 8:30am and drove round the bike course. It was really hilly and I would have struggled. I really hope that Stratford is a bit flatter!! It was a very worthwhile trip as I learnt a lot. This was the 1st Triathlon that I'd been to and quite fitting as it was my Dad's birthday and he's the reason behind my fund raising. I watched the competitors rack their bikes up and then I watched the 1st few groups of swimmers start. What a nightmare!!! Just 4 lanes in a 25m pool and you share a lane with 3-4 other swimmers!! Worse that London in the rush-hour!! There were quite a few crashes and head bangs!! I then watched the transitions and some people really go for it and others just take their time!
I'm really glad I went and now I know what to expect in 3 weeks time!! I can't believe my 1st race is now 20 days away!!!!! PANIC!!

6th April

I have a very bad cold or flu. I had a really sore throat and stinking headache this morning. I worked until lunchtime and then spent the rest of the day in bed. Saturday and I was still feeling bleeding awful!

5th April

Run.    Distance - 1.5miles     Time - 22:12mins

Just a gentle jog to get back into things. I found it quite hard actually and I discovered why, the next day.

3rd April

As you can see, there has been a small gap in my training schedule. I have been burning the candle at both ends and with too many late nights and parties and meetings in London, I simply haven't had my act together. I need to refocus, with less than a month to go now. I'm running next on the 5th April.


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