100 Push Ups Campaign - Total raised so far....55.00

My Cardiff Half Marathon Training Diary - June - October 2009

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Online Video
One of the people who has made a donation, Jason Smith, has suggested I video my final attempt at 100 consecutive press ups and put the video on YouTube. I think this is a great idea!
I will upload video proof on here and YouTube, so people will know if I managed 100 consecutive press ups! Should be early September.

Sunday 20th July

Initial Test Result: 30 Push Ups                    Click here for the Complete Workout


Monday 21st July

10 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 26 = 60

I only did my Initial test yesterday so my arms were still feeling it! But I'm pleased to have done 26 at the end. It was hard work.


Wednesday 23rd July

12 - 12 - 10 - 10 - 31= 75

I felt great today. The day's rest obviously works. I am over the moon to have managed 31 at the end. :-)
Mind you, I'm still out of breath now, 10 mins later!


Friday 25th July


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